LBCI starts Broadcast with Etere ETX

LBCI starts Broadcast with Etere ETX

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LBCI starts Broadcast with Etere ETX

Fri 10, 02 2023

After a series of evaluations, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) selected Etere ETX as its preferred Channel-in-Box.

Etere ETX is a Channel-in-a-Box software that features all the playout features needed to bring a channel on air, including cloud playout, closed captions management, ingest, automation, master control, and a powerful graphics engine for up to 8 layers of overlays. After a series of evaluations, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) selects Etere ETX to take their channel forward.Easy Installation and Lower Cost of EntryEtere ETX features turnkey software that is easy to install and integrate within any ecosystem. With a lower capital expenditure, smaller footprint, and fewer human resources, you can improve your playout workflow with a futuristic software solution with better value for your investments.Unified Workflows and IntegrationEtere ETX features an integrated solution combining scheduling, ingest, storage, file management, monitoring, playout, multiviewer, subtitle management, CG, and graphics within a single software solution with all you need to bring a channel on-air.Integrated Master PanelEtere ETX supports Etere Master Control, allowing users to manage multiple TV channels from a touch-screen master control panel with audio output control for PGM and PST. It also features an integrated transition effects control panel. With integration with Etere Master Control, users can access all the traditional master control features on a single touch-screen, making it a more cost-efficient solution.Multi-resolution support of 4K, HD, and SDEtere supports multi-resolution playout in 4k, HD, and SD, giving you complete flexibility.Closed Caption/Subtitling insertionEtere ETX is integrated with subtitling and closed captioning capabilities to insert closed captions in formats such as CEA608 and CEA708, which can be streamed directly to DVB or ARIB.Ready for Virtual MachinesEtere ETX supports the use of virtual machines for an unlimited number of streams, but without the associated costs. In addition, users can use virtual machines for a more efficient setup.Supports NDI/IP/SDIEtere ETX has the flexibility to receive and live playout videos on SDI/NDI/IP streams. Etere supports a wide range of global standards, including Newtek NDI, SMPTE 2022, and 2110.Fault-Resilient PerformanceEtere features a distributed software architecture with a fault-resilient performance.Future-ProofEtere ETX is an open system ready to be adapted to new codecs, file formats, and standards. Etere prepares you for future technological advances in the industry and changes within your organization. After all, it is a system that can grow with you.Completely Scalable to FitEtere is entirely scalable to fit your business needs. It is ideal for a single-station setup and an enterprise with complex requirements.Full redundancy for a fault-resilient performanceEtere ETX features database-independent capabilities with different levels of fault tolerance, including three modes, the backup mode, master-clone mode, and disaster recovery mode.24/7 Worldwide SupportEtere offers one of the industry’s best support, with 24/7 worldwide support accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. The support team consists of highly experienced professionals who can connect to your systems with VPNs and guide you in every step of the journey with us, no matter where you are.Free Software Updates and UpgradesEtere support contract comes with unlimited free software updates and upgrades, keeping your system at the forefront of technology.Integrated PlayoutEtere ETX allows only one server to play out, switch, fade, dissolve, insert logos, and perform CG functions. It is a versatile solution capable of video acquisitions, real-time compressions, and network transmissions with full support for different video codecs between channels.Up to 8 Layers of Graphics OverlayEtere ETX includes a graphics engine that allows you to insert channel graphics such as logos (both static and animated), L-shape squeezes, crawls, and transition effects to enhance the video. Graphics can be imported in any format and sent to the playout with Etere Data Mover. A low-res copy will be automatically generated for preview. Not only that, a live signal can be used to insert graphics for live channels. Etere’s automated workflows make the job of an operator easier.Integrative with ETX-M Multiviewer to Monitor Unlimited Video Sources on a Single DisplayEtere ETX can be integrated with Etere ETX-M Multiviewer to simultaneously view unlimited videos and live sources on the same screen. Etere ETX-M Multiviewer allows unlimited SD, HD, and Ultra HD source feeds. Furthermore, it displays the next event in real time and enables the operator to manage quick edits effectively. The multiviewer features multiple clock displays to view different time zones. In addition, it is integrative with automated loudness control that monitors and corrects transmission volume errors and prevents audio jumps over the threshold. Multichannel monitoring is made more accessible with Etere.Key Features of Etere ETX include■ Multiple graphics and webGL graphics overlays■ Capture web pages as live multimedia sources■ 4K, HD, and SD with Up and Down conversion interlaced or progressive■ RTMP input and integrated time delay■ Serves as an RTMP sender or RTSP receiver■ Full IP support for both HD and SD videos■ SDI output with support for selected cards (SDI or IP), including Blackmagic, Matrox■ Supports NewTek NDI■ Supports multiple layers of graphics■ Supports DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) stream■ Supports Microsoft ReFS File System, cloud-ready■ The included graphics engine allows the overlay of static/animated logos and crawlers on eight layers■ Able to perform IP in and IP out, with multiple frame rates and independent IP out services■ Integrated IT-based master control with multichannel ingest/playout■ Easy insertion of closed captions, including CEA 608 and CEA 708 with ETX inserter■ Create live subtitling seamlessly with ETX inserter and time delay■ File formats include LXF, MOV, MXF, GFX, ASF, MPG-TS, MPG-PS, AVI, DV, and MKV■ Video codecs include DVCPRO, MPG1, MPG2, MPG4, H.264, HEVC/ H.265, DNxHD, ProRes■ Audio codecs include AAC, MP2, MP3, Flac■ Minimum video duration 75 frames, can vary with format■ Graphics files include TGA, AVI, MOV, SWF, PNG, JPEG, GIF■ Picture-in-Picture (PIP) capabilities: Insert multiple overlays of live graphics and videos over a streaming video■ 64-bit design with microservices■ Supports DSK with fill and key in both SDI and NDIFor more information, please write to


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