MainConcept Easy Video API launches with all-in-one support for the latest hardware codecs

MainConcept Easy Video API launches with all-in-one support for the latest hardware codecs

MainConcept Easy Video API launches with all-in-one support for the latest hardware codecs

Fri 12, 04 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada – April 10, 2024 – MainConcept, the leading provider of video and audio codecs, has introduced the MainConcept Easy Video API (EVA), a single API that simplifies the ability to work with software and hardware codecs. Collaborating with AMD, Intel and NVIDIA, and optimizing for their respective GPUs, MainConcept EVA was developed to let producers and broadcasters harness the benefits of using software and hardware encoders and/or decoders in their workflows.

MainConcept EVA is a major step forward in video workflow management, offering developers the ability to access the higher quality and expanded feature sets of the best of CPU-based software encoders, while also leveraging GPU codecs’ higher processing performance and greater power efficiency with AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 and AV1. By working with major technology providers – AMD, Intel and NVIDIA – MainConcept EVA lets multi-platform users integrate AMD AMF (Advanced Media Framework) SDKs, Intel Quick Sync Video (via Intel Video Processing Library (Intel VPL)) and NVIDIA NVENC and NVDEC in a far more efficient manner.

“Working with multiple software and hardware APIs across different vendors has been the accepted experience for years, and it tends to work just fine. But now, developers have the choice of further streamlining their workflows by using just one API,” said Deacon Johnson, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, MainConcept. “In collaboration with AMD, Intel and NVIDIA, MainConcept Easy Video API lets developers using the AVC, HEVC and AV1 software codecs, along with GPUs from these companies, benefit from a single interface along with all the advantages.”

Benefits of MainConcept EVA include:

●      One SDK with a single API instead of four, saving time (up to 75% faster) and budget.

●      Flexibility to choose GPUs from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA.

●      Consume less energy with more power efficient GPUs.

●      Extended codec features for improved quality and professional formats (including 10-bit 4:2:2) using the MainConcept software libraries.

●      Function to detect hardware availability and codec capabilities.

●      Single point of contact for development support.

●      Same API for multi-platform Windows and Linux, for on premises and cloud.

“GPUs provide incredible levels of processing performance to power the most demanding video encoding and decoding workflows,” said Chris Hall, Senior Director of Software Development at AMD. “AMD worked closely with MainConcept to optimize performance of the Easy Video API on AMD Radeon™ GPUs and add support for the AMD Advanced Media Framework (AMF), and are delighted to work with them to provide producers and broadcasters with powerful new GPU-accelerated capabilities that enhance and streamline their next-gen projects.”

“As the demand for video processing capacity grows, the media industry needs a heterogenous processing capability (CPUs & Accelerators) to address both high-quality and high-density use-cases. MainConcept’s Easy Video API allows video codecs to run seamlessly on either Intel CPU or GPU, unlocking flexibility and scalability for vendors and broadcasters.” said Nagesh Puppala, General Manager, Edge and Cloud Video Division, Intel.

“Today’s latest software and hardware video-coding workflows require enhanced power efficiency and processing performance for developers to maintain their productivity,” said Guillaume Polaillon, Product Line Manager for Live Media Solutions at NVIDIA. “With MainConcept’s Easy Video API, developers can now use a unified software development kit to access NVIDIA Video Codec performance, quality and density — and we’re collaborating with MainConcept to ensure optimal use of NVIDIA accelerated computing through the SDK.”

MainConcept EVA is designed to meet the demands of the modern video workflow, using a single API to access GPU-based libraries alongside MainConcept’s extensive software offerings.

The MainConcept Easy Video API will be available to try and to buy with Codec SDK 15.0, a major update to the company’s comprehensive codec offerings. To learn more, meet with MainConcept during NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas at booth W3743 or visit to explore product and trial options.

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