nxtedition’s AI-powered workflows help content creators bring great stories to audiences anywhere at CABSAT 2023

nxtedition’s AI-powered workflows help content creators bring great stories to audiences anywhere at CABSAT 2023

nxtedition’s AI-powered workflows help content creators bring great stories to audiences anywhere at CABSAT 2023

Thu 04, 05 2023

Stand 102, CABSAT 2023, Dubai World Trade Centre, 16-18 May 2023: nxtedition, the pioneering microservices-based production solution, will be demonstrated at CABSAT 2023 (Dubai World Trade Centre, 16-18 May 2023), where visitors will see first-hand the seamless end-to-end environment designed to make compelling storytelling fast, first and accurate. The innovative platform offers an efficient and accurate microservices environment, regardless of an operation’s size, with access to an entire toolset, including third-party functionality and artificial intelligence (AI) features, such as the Whisper speech-to-text service, from a single user interface.

Today’s audiences demand information and analysis on emerging news as it breaks, and they want to access content online, on-air and on social platforms. In this highly competitive landscape where a growing number of outlets are vying to attract and keep viewers engaged, production teams need agile tools that enable creativity but still get content out fast.

By streamlining repetitive, time-consuming tasks, nxtedition’s “microservices for physical kit” approach, consolidating hardware into software to address the challenges encountered in traditional production workflows. At this year’s CABSAT, the company will demonstrate how it has further extended the potential of artificial intelligence aids by embedding the OpenAI environment into its core software via the unique virtual assets feature, which simplifies technical API calls.

With nxtedition, users can directly access the APIs of stock libraries, newswires, social media and emails, simply and seamlessly from within the familiar nxtedition user interface. When an external domain is identified in search, virtual assets automatically switch to the third-party API, fetching all the data, content and metadata, which is then displayed for the user. If a user switches to the newswire services domain, then nxtedition’s search facility can review the entire news services API and ingest the required content directly without leaving the nxtedition UI.

At CABSAT, nxtedition will show how it has extended the potential of artificial intelligence aids further by deploying the OpenAI Whisper speech-to-text service directly into its microservice environment. Whisper runs directly on the nxt|engine servers, removing the need to subscribe to expensive third-party speech-to-text SaaS services. Customers can now index entire archives in the background late at night and during weekends without incurring huge cloud services invoices. nxtedition users can also use the Whisper functionality to automatically transcribe all the speech at the point of ingest, so everything coming into nxtedition is transcribed into indexed and searchable metadata.

“From inception, nxtedition has been about simplifying complex technology and freeing production teams to focus on creativity and storytelling,” said nxtedition’s creative director, Adam Leah. “With virtual assets, we’ve taken this a step further, allowing customers to integrate seamlessly with other, third-party solutions and remove the need to build customised solutions for each client. The collaboration with OpenAI drives down complexity, engineering and exception errors in the workflow, making them even faster. We’re unlocking new resources for journalists, editors and corporate content creators, allowing them to unleash their creativity to tell exceptional stories.”

nxtedition solutions can be implemented on premises or in the cloud, with virtual assets and OpenAI integration are included in the current release of core software. The company is suffering no supply chain limitations which has affected other COTS vendors and can deliver new systems virtually instantly.

Visit nxtedition at CABSAT 2023, Stand 102, or find out more at nxtedition.com.

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