Octopus Newsroom Supports BXF Export

Octopus Newsroom Supports BXF Export

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Octopus Newsroom Supports BXF Export

Thu 22, 02 2024

Octopus Newsroom is pleased to announce the implementation of BXF export capabilities, marking a significant advancement in newsroom collaboration with Master Control Rooms (MCR) playouts.

This feature enables newsrooms to seamlessly export rundowns directly to MCR-type playout systems, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. With Octopus Newsroom’s BXF export feature, MCRs can effortlessly incorporate scheduled news broadcasts into their playlists, facilitating smooth transitions and optimized broadcasting processes. This integration fosters improved collaboration between MCR and PCR (Production Control Room), allowing for seamless access to essential information and files from the newsroom. BXF, a standard compatible with MCR scheduling systems, ensures compatibility and consistency in workflows, contributing to streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

Notably, the successful implementation of this feature by Octopus Newsroom’s customer in Switzerland, CH Media, underscores its effectiveness. By leveraging Octopus Newsroom’s BXF export feature, CH Media seamlessly integrated rundown data, including length and channel metadata, into the Gallium & StreamMaster playout solution from Pixel Power, a Rohde & Schwarz company.

“Playout automation is all about making delivery workflows transparent and seamless,” said Dan Wroth, Pixel Power product manager at Rohde & Schwarz. “Exchanging data over a widely recognised standard like BXF makes integration simple and moves us closer to achieving this goal. The collaboration with Octopus Newsroom at CH Media is a great demonstration of a standardised format like BXF working to everyone’s benefit.”


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With over 20 years of expertise and serving over 350 customers worldwide, Octopus Newsroom is a global leader in news production systems. Their innovative and forward-looking strategy positions them to meet future goals in the ever-evolving landscape of content production. The Octopus news production system streamlines the entire workflow, from news gathering to editing and content delivery across multiple platforms. Whether operating on-site or in the cloud, Octopus facilitates news and content production from any location.

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For decades, Rohde & Schwarz has been a technology innovator in broadcast distribution and a trusted partner in media production. Broadcast solutions from Rohde & Schwarz deliver the latest generation of energy-efficient, software-defined transmitters and enable network operators to leverage new broadcast technologies. Providing solutions for live and studio production, post-production, multiviewing and playout, Rohde & Schwarz helps media professionals produce and deliver great content.

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