Oxagile introduces innovative concepts at IBC 2023

Oxagile introduces innovative concepts at IBC 2023

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Oxagile introduces innovative concepts at IBC 2023

Fri 18, 08 2023

During the largest conference in media, entertainment, and technology – IBC 2023 – a prominent software development company in the field of video delivery, Oxagile, will share its expertise and fresh customization, integration, and innovation enablement concepts.

With the goal of contributing to the advancements of the video streaming domain, Oxagile is eager to network with online video market leaders and connect with everyone interested during the event. Representatives from Oxagile will be available at Booth 5.H12 in RAI Amsterdam from September 15 to 18, 2023.

This year, Oxagile has developed an insightful game called OxaCraft, that empowers content creators, distributors, and OTT software providers to effortlessly identify the necessary tools, technologies, and resources for either enhancing or creating from scratch streaming video solutions that can deeply resonate with each and every viewer.

During the conference, Oxagile will also be sharing expertise tailored for OTT players that cover:

  • Customizable front-end solutions to easily introduce unique features.
  • Feature-rich online video solutions for live streaming and on-demand services.
  • Integration of features based on computer vision technologies.
  • Creation of scalable MAM systems using microservices architecture.
  • Tools to enhance engagement and offer data-driven content suggestions.
  • Implementation of user-friendly scenarios, including functions like catch-up, “continue watching”, and highlighting the best scenes on the main screen.
  • Expansion of a viewing experience across various platforms using scalable tools.
  • Utilization of revenue-maximizing monetization solutions through addressable TV.

Oxagile team members available for discussion on any of these topics include:

  • Sergey Marchuk (CTO, Co-Founder)
  • Irina Maximets (Account Executive EMEA and APAC)
  • Igor Lositsky (Chief Partnerships Officer)
  • Oleg Stepanyuk (Head of Delivery Partnership and Presales Engineering)
  • Diana Dmitrienko (Sales Development Representative)
  • Matt Pinckley (Regional Business Director, US)

If you have any concerns or questions about anything related to the world of video streaming – stop by the Oxagile booth (5.H12) or schedule a meeting in advance for your complete convenience. For a news source, please visit IBC 2023: Meet Oxagile’s team | Oxagile

About Oxagile

Oxagile is a reputable software development company with about 20 years of expertise in crafting tailored solutions in the online video domain. Being a full-fledged OTT software developer and end-to-end system integrator, Oxagile facilitates innovations and designs solutions for online video software vendors, content creators, distributors, and content aggregators.

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