SDMC Presents Innovative Products at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam

SDMC Presents Innovative Products at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam

SDMC Presents Innovative Products at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam

Fri 22, 09 2023

IBC 2023, one of the most influential trade shows in the media, entertainment and technology industries, took place in Amsterdam from September 15th to 18th. This year’s event attracted exhibitors, industry experts, and audiences from over 170 countries worldwide. In the exhibition, SDMC showcased a range of innovative OTT, broadband, and smart home solutions, which garnered extensive attention.

Innovative OTT Product Lineup Elevating Video Entertainment Experience

SDMC presented several OTT innovative products, including smart projectors, portable AR player, smart speakers, and AI-powered fitness boxes. As the Android TV & Netflix certified STB solution Partner, SDMC also unveiled its Google TV solution, Android TV Operator Tier Launcher, and the XMediaTV + Netflix Self-Serve solution deployed on Google Cloud.

SDMC’s OTT solution empowers operators to quickly launch Android-TV based services, enriching customers’ content options and elevating their viewing experience.Through close collaboration with Google and Netflix in the Netflix Hailstorm/Self-Serve program, SDMC has achieved pre-certification for its Android TV set-top box (STB) reference solutions, significantly accelerating the time-to-market of the Netflix services for pay-TV operators.

Large Language Model + Digital Human: Crafting a More Lifelike AI Voice Assistant

At IBC 2023, SDMC showcased the AI Assistant, garnering widespread attention.Users can activate the SDMC AI Assistant through voice. Once activated, it captures voice inputs from the device and processes it through Speech To Text (STT), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Text To Speech (TTS) functionalities, achieving comprehensive voice interactions.

Additionally, SDMC’s AI Assistant incorporates the capabilities of Google’s PaLM2 large language model (based on Google Cloud Vertex AI), ensuring higher-quality natural language outputs. Moreover, the voice assistant features an integrated 3D digital human avatar, providing synchronized gestures and lip movements with the voice narration, thus enriching the interactive experience.

Wi-Fi 7 XGS-PON Integrated Solution: Assisting Operators in Smart Home Network Construction

With emerging media technologies like 8K video, cloud gaming, AR, and VR demanding higher network speeds and quality, operators face the challenge of providing high-speed broadband services. Addressing this trend, SDMC introduced its newest Wi-Fi 7 XGS-PON terminal product – the NP19X44XGS.

This product utilizes the advanced XGS-PON fiber access technology and the latest Wi-Fi 7 wireless technology. It supports fiber access speeds of up to 9.953Gbps, enabling terminal devices to benefit from 10G wired connections and wireless bandwidths of up to 18,673Mbps.Utilizing the latest Mesh network technology, NP19X44XGS guarantees comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house, which can effectively meet the needs of diversified business uses such as 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video, AR/VR immersive applications, and smart homes.

Matter Gateway: Helping Operators Build a Unified Smart Home Ecosystem

The introduction of Matter, coupled with the proactive engagement of smart home device manufacturers, has adeptly addressed the unified management and control demands of operators and users across diverse device brands and manufacturers in the smart home ecosystem. At IBC 2023, SDMC unveiled the NI5435M Matter Gateway based on Matter.

This product serves both as a router and a Matter gateway, supporting both Thread and Zigbee protocols, ensuring seamless interoperability between devices from various brands. Users can avail of multiple gigabit ports for wired connections and wireless WiFi speeds up to 5400Mbps, which can greatly enhance the smart home experience of subscriber users.The NI5435M Matter Gateway is equipped with built-in 4G LTE / 5G module (optional) and a high-capacity battery, ensuring uninterrupted high-speed internet and smart home experience even during power or network outages.

SDMC’s One Home Solution Now Supports the Matter Protocol, Fully Empowering Operators’ Smart Home Business

SDMC’s One Home Solution is a comprehensive suite of components that includes a cloud platform, user app, and intelligent terminals such as OTT devices, home networking devices, and smart home devices. Now, it has begun supporting the Matter protocol, a cross-brand, cross-platform communication protocol established by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). At IBC 2023, SDMC also introduced the smart home IoT solution based on Matter, encompassing three scenarios: security, energy efficiency, and entertainment.Thanks to the Matter protocol, smart devices across brands can seamlessly interconnect, reducing costs for manufacturers and simplifying multi-brand smart home setups for users.The Matter Ready One Home solution equips operators with management tools and operational support, enhancing their smart home business and helping operators establish an open, secure, and compatible smart home ecosystem.

SDMC is on a mission to build a smart home ecosystem by helping global operators deliver smart home media entertainment services in the most effortless way. Please feel free to contact our team at to empower your OTT/IPTV, Broadband, and Smart Home offerings.If you missed SDMC at IBC 2023, join us at Futurecom 2023 (Oct 3-5) and BBWF 2023 (Oct 24-26). We eagerly await your visit!


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