SEEDER RB30VH3 Robotics Shines at 2023 China Dragon Boat Racing Championships– Fuzhou

SEEDER RB30VH3 Robotics Shines at 2023 China Dragon Boat Racing Championships– Fuzhou

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SEEDER RB30VH3 Robotics Shines at 2023 China Dragon Boat Racing Championships– Fuzhou

Fri 04, 08 2023

This Dragon Boat Festival, SEEDER’s cutting-edge RB30VH3 robotic pan tilt head system assisted in capturing footage of the iconic 2023 China Dragon Boat Racing Championships, held in Fuzhou. As one of China’s most influential sporting events, the national-level Championships brought together 60 teams and close to 2,000 athletes. SEEDER provided smooth, dynamic and precise shooting solutions that powerfully highlighted the grandeur of this traditional competition.

Organized by the State General Administration of Sport, the China Dragon Boat Association and CCTV-5, the China Dragon Boat Racing Championships stands as the country’s premier event in terms of competitive caliber, competitive level and prize bonuses.

The Fuzhou Stage alone attracted athletes from diverse regions across China and countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Thousands lined the shores of the Pu Xia River, eager to cheer on the teams. On the day of the competition, the RB30VH3 robotic pan-tilt head system worked together with the VIZRT virtual engine to complete shooting of the 200m starting line from a virtual camera position. The head leveraged its industry-leading accuracy of 8,300,000/360° to deliver stable, breathtaking visuals for China’s highest-level dragon boat tournament.

Equipped with absolute encoders, the RB30VH3 robotic pan tilt head provides extreme precision unmatched in the industry. Tracking accuracy is <0.000043° (8,300,000/360°), enabling smooth tracking of the rapid dragon boats. This level of precision brought audiences an immersive, dynamic viewing experience.

Despite challenging shooting conditions like weather and lighting changes, the RB30VH3 maintained reliability throughout the multi-day tournament without a single failure. SEEDER’s long-term experience developing broadcast robotics ensured not a single moment of sporting drama was missed.

Powering productions of top broadcasters like CCTV, SEEDER robotic solutions are globally recognized for their exceptional performance under pressure. By assisting in the shooting of China’s most prestigious dragon boat tournament, SEEDER robotics once again proved itself as a frontrunner in sports broadcast.

As China progresses into the digital age, traditional culture like dragon boating continues to gather new generations of eager fans. SEEDER stands proud to promote this heritage through providing perfectly smooth, dynamic footage of the iconic China Dragon Boat Racing Championships. Looking ahead, SEEDER will continue pushing the boundaries of broadcast robotics to capture the nation’s most important events.

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