SEEDER’s Innovations Shine at IBC2023: Studio Automation and Robotic Camera Systems

SEEDER’s Innovations Shine at IBC2023: Studio Automation and Robotic Camera Systems

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SEEDER’s Innovations Shine at IBC2023: Studio Automation and Robotic Camera Systems

Fri 22, 09 2023

On September 18th, the four-day IBC2023 exhibition came to a successful conclusion at the RAI, Amsterdam. SEEDER presented its flagship products, the Studio Automation System and the Robotic Camera Systems, at this grand event. At booth 12B40, SEEDER showcased outstanding real-time video production solutions, attracting significant attention and garnering widespread acclaim.

The SEEDER booth was bustling with attendees, who stopped by to inquire, experience, and engage in lively discussions. We had the pleasure of reuniting with old friends we hadn’t seen in a while and making many new acquaintances.

Attendees showed immense interest in SEEDER’s products and were able to easily operate and experience the efficiency and intelligence of SEEDER systems firsthand. Whether it was real-time video production or robotic camera support equipment, SEEDER’s products displayed remarkable innovation and performance.

SEEDER AISS 2.0 The real-time video production enables seamless integration with the NRCS to fully automate loading of program content and templates, automated rundowns generation, and real-time rundowns modification. It requires minimal human operation through simple keyboard controls (or a page turning pen) that trigger coordinated actions across multiple systems and devices. This improves program presentation, work efficiency, and device utilization. It reduces errors and relieves personnel workload pressure from multi-operator coordination, while also lowering labor costs.

Robotic Camera Systems SEEDER has consistently pursued R&D innovation in both manufacturing processes and functionality. This commitment ensures that users have access to cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance in the industry. Products like SEEDER’s robotic crane, robotic elevating pan/tilt heads, and pedestals have garnered a dedicated fan base due to their high quality, intelligence, precision, and efficiency.

At the IBC2023 event, SEEDER’s exceptional product performance and design captivated numerous attendees and provided an unprecedented interactive experience for them.

Looking ahead, SEEDER will continue to focus on technological innovation and product development, striving to provide professional and innovative broadcasting television products. Our goal is to provide global users with stable, efficient, and high-quality real-time video production solutions!

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