Techex Collaborates with InSync Technology to Deliver Gold-standard Frame Rate Conversion for Live Contribution and Cloud Production

Techex Collaborates with InSync Technology to Deliver Gold-standard Frame Rate Conversion for Live Contribution and Cloud Production

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Techex Collaborates with InSync Technology to Deliver Gold-standard Frame Rate Conversion for Live Contribution and Cloud Production

Thu 11, 05 2023

Techex, the leader in IP and cloud delivery, announced today its collaboration with InSync Technology to integrate powerful and flexible standards and format conversion of video into its live cloud production environments. This innovative solution has garnered attention from major global broadcasters who are eager to leverage the benefits of InSync’s patented technology through Techex’s robust software.

Techex’s flagship software, MWEdge, serves as a powerful gateway for robust, scalable, and efficient transport of live video into, out of, and around the cloud. Tailored for tier-one broadcasters, MWEdge is widely deployed for delivering 24×7 linear streams and for some broadcasters, it is the sole approved software for moving live video over the internet and into the cloud. MWEdge is renowned for its comprehensive telemetry, transparent NDI transport features, and its deployability in Infrastructure-as-Code environments.

The partnership will see the integration of InSync’s FrameFormer into Techex’s offering. FrameFormer is known for producing gold-standard, CPU-only standards conversion capable of live delivery on a diverse range of cloud compute resources. Alongside motion-compensated frame rate conversion, FrameFormer provides a powerful deinterlacer, cadence, and aspect ratio conversion, capable of handling the most challenging of live production workflows.

Richard Bailey, CEO of Techex, commented, “Our partnership with InSync exemplifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, cloud-based video solutions to the broadcasting industry. This collaboration not only enhances our technology portfolio but also solidifies Techex’s position as a leader in IP and cloud delivery innovation.”

InSync’s conversion algorithms, incorporated into Techex’s delivery system, enable the delivery of the highest possible image quality while leveraging the flexibility of cloud-based solutions. The integration effectively eliminates the need for ancillary software or hardware processes that could potentially introduce latency and complicate production.

“We’re delighted to bring FrameFormer to such a high-quality platform.” said James Taylor, InSync Technology’s Managing Director. “We’ve had positive interest in our Techex collaboration with FrameFormer and MWEdge smartly positioned to optimise cloud-based compute resource and deliver exceptional quality services to tier one broadcasters.”

About Techex Cloud and IP Video specialist Techex is a leading technology solutions provider with a focus on long-term partnerships. In addition to building their own technology, Techex partners with a selective list of emerging technology companies that are transforming the use of IP and the cloud for live video management. Innovation is at the heart of Techex’s DNA, and since 1971, Techex has been hunting out disruptive technologies and supporting their adoption, ensuring our customers maintain their competitive edge. Today, Techex is a leader in delivering the world’s largest and most ambitious ST 2110 production infrastructure, as well as designing cloud infrastructure for the fastest-growing content distribution platforms in the market. More information is available at

About InSync World-leading standards conversion specialists, InSync develops highly efficient signal processing hardware and software products with a focus on motion compensated frame rate and format conversion (standards converters). InSync’s FrameFormer software standards converter is the only motion compensated frame rate converter designed for CPU-only deployment. FrameFormer offers unique flexibility in its support for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and is available as an integration inside third-party solutions (such as AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Dalet Amberfin, M2A Connect and Telestream Vantage), or as part of turnkey software applications including InSync FrameFormer Live. More information is available at

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