Techex & Skyline: Showcasing New Integration at IBC 2023

Techex & Skyline: Showcasing New Integration at IBC 2023

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Techex & Skyline: Showcasing New Integration at IBC 2023

Wed 13, 09 2023

End to end control and monitoring of tx edge workflows.

As the industry approaches IBC2023, Techex announces its recent collaboration with Skyline Communications to showcase an end-to-end control and monitoring platform for Techex’s tx edge video transport technology.

The collaboration brings together Techex’s widely adopted transport and monitoring product, tx edge, with Skyline’s ubiquitous orchestration platform, Dataminer. Together, they offer an integrated solution that ensures the secure and efficient transport of high-value content within network infrastructures that prioritise security and the highest standards of quality assurance.

The heart of this integration is the symbiotic relationship between tx edge transport gateways and tx core, creating a focused solution for Tier-1 networks. The tx edge brings to the table a suite of practical features suitable for network edge applications including:

  • Trust boundary protection between networks
  • Traffic policing
  • A wide range of input and output protocols with NAT
  • Adaptable cloud native IaC support
  • Smooth content and instance redundancy protection
  • More, ensuring consistency and traceability exist throughout the entire delivery chain regardless of the underlying fabric

DataMiner runs on top of Techex’s tx core and tx edge to manage and oversee the entire network, end-to-end

  • tx core and tx edge infrastructure monitoring
  • single pane of glass overview for all services across all tx edge instances
  • proactive in-depth monitoring of transport stream and IP layer
  • automatic calculation and visualization of end-to-end service connectivity across all tx edge instances
  • signal control and routing (start / stop / resume / failover)

“We are very happy to strengthen our long-term relationship with Techex and bring our joint solutions to the next level.” comments Thomas Gunkel, Market Director Broadcast, “Built upon DataMiner’s low code Apps, the front-end of our sample App which we are going to showcase during IBC, can easily be tailored to the specific needs of our users. Following CI/CD principles, everybody can download the App from our catalogue, deploy the solutions within minutes and then gradually evolve over time.”

The tx edge software solution, deployable on-prem or in the cloud, raises the bar significantly beyond what is possible when relying on compression equipment (such as encoders) for dispatching RTP/SRT/Zixi outputs directly. This traditional approach has often brought with it limitations in centralised management and monitoring of the end-to-end delivery chain, particularly when transitioning between the hardware and software domains. This partnership with Skyline provides larger operators with an added operational advantage, centralising control and enhancing data analysis capabilities.

Join Techex at IBC stand 3.C55 & Skyline at stand 1.A63 to find out more about the work between Techex and Skyline Communications, a partnership aiming to bring efficiency and reliability to network infrastructures and media transport solutions in a balanced and grounded manner.

About Techex

Techex has been at the forefront of transforming broadcast architecture for many years. Techex specialises in software-defined systems with live IP video working closely to design and support high-scale, critical workflows with tier-1 broadcasters and telcos internationally.. The tx edge software, controlled by tx core, gives broadcasters a sophisticated toolkit to securely bring live video into, around or out of the cloud.

To find out more, visit

About Skyline

Skyline Communications is the leading provider of end-to-end digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry.

The DataMiner software allows operators to easily tap into technology resources and create a fully standardized, highly multifunctional, secure, and real-time digital twin of their operation. AI-powered monitoring, inventory management, hyper-automation, and the orchestration of complex services are examples of its versatility.

DataMiner is currently deployed by leading corporations in the ICT media and broadband industry in over 125 countries worldwide. Skyline Communications has offices in Belgium, Portugal, Singapore, BiH, and the USA, and has a strong permanent presence across all continents.


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