Techex Unveils tx darwin – The Future of Media Processing and Delivery

Techex Unveils tx darwin – The Future of Media Processing and Delivery

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Techex Unveils tx darwin – The Future of Media Processing and Delivery

Sun 17, 09 2023

Bracknell, United Kingdom – September 2023

Techex, a pioneering leader in broadcast architecture, is thrilled to announce the launch of tx darwin, a ground-breaking platform designed to usher in the next era of software-defined, hybrid and pure cloud workflows. Built with an understanding that the media landscape is rapidly evolving, tx darwin is poised to set new benchmarks in scalability, flexibility, and security for the industry.

Meeting the Industry’s Evolving Needs

“As the media landscape becomes more complex, broadcasters are seeking innovative solutions that can adapt to changing needs and form part of a single software-defined workflow spanning both the cloud and the ground,” said Richard Bailey, Techex CEO. “tx darwin is our answer to the industry’s call for a powerful, secure, and extensible live media processing platform.”

Pioneering Features

tx darwin brings with it the unprecedented capability to manage cloud workflows dynamically, allowing not just SMPTE ST 2022-7 seamless switching, but also seamless switching between dissimilar MPEG Transport Streams. This means broadcasters, media companies and telcos can perform scheduled maintenance and updates during regular hours without glitches in downstream decoders and processing blocks, a move that substantially reduces operational costs and inefficiencies associated with off-hours work.

Versatility at its Core

As an adaptable platform, tx darwin is built to support virtually any media format in common use—from uncompressed to compressed—making it one of the most versatile options on the market today. The modular functionality within tx darwin comes from Techex’s own software development and R&D as well as collaborations with trusted third-party providers.

Whilst tx darwin offers its own user-friendly UI, most deployments use its comprehensive API as part of automated and Infrastructure as Code deployments. Additionally, third-party integrations for applications like InfluxDB which provides access to the wealth of real-time telemetry that tx darwin collects across all the deployed modules.

Workflow Adaptability

tx darwin simplifies the process of altering workflows by offering a consistent API integration point, thereby enabling the smooth exchange and sequencing of content processing modules. Its ‘logic engine’ takes it a step further, allowing for the automatic reconfiguration of processing settings based on pre-defined input status criteria.

Industry Impact

tx darwin’s launch has already attracted the attention of the world’s largest broadcasters, media companies and telecom organisations. “This isn’t just a tool; it’s a comprehensive, future-proof solution that addresses today’s challenges while laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s innovations,” said Richard Bailey.

About Techex

Techex has been at the forefront of transforming broadcast architecture for decades. Techex specialises in software-defined workflows with live IP video working closely to design and support high-scale, critical workflows with tier-1 broadcasters and telcos internationally. With its deep industry experience, Techex aims to continue its legacy of innovation with tx darwin.

For more information on tx darwin or to schedule an interview with Richard Bailey, please contact [Contact information].

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