TV2 Nord renews its partnership with nxtedition

TV2 Nord renews its partnership with nxtedition

TV2 Nord renews its partnership with nxtedition

Thu 29, 02 2024

Innovators in microservices-based production environments nxtedition has renewed a five-year contract with TV2 Nord, based in Aabybro in the north of Denmark. The new agreement continues the strategic partnership for a further five years, until at least 2029.

Danish broadcaster TV2 divides into regions for its flagship news programme at 19.30 each evening, with TV2 Nord serving the people of North Jutland. Thanks to the powerful yet intuitive functionality in the nxtedition production platform, a team of journalists, editors and producers deliver each day a comprehensive and engaging programme. Reflecting modern trends in news consumption, the production platform is designed for an online first approach, pushing content to the website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) as well as supporting the fully automated live broadcasts from 2 studios and a 24 hour channel called Salto.

The implementation of nxtedition was part of a project to build a new studio for news and production, initiated in 2021. Taking this holistic view meant that the nxtedition system, running on COTS hardware, controls all the technology in the studio from the prompters to the robotic cameras and lighting, so even the main news broadcast can be controlled with a crew of just one or two.

“A key part of our requirements was the need to create and deliver excellent content to multiple platforms with the minimum of resources,” said Peter Zanchetta, CTO of TV2 Nord. “nxtedition delivered everything we asked of it, so naturally we are committing to relying on its simplicity and power for the foreseeable future.”

Roger Persson, Sales and Marketing Director at nxtedition, added “We created, and continue to develop, our platform to be agile in configuration and intuitive in use. Our goal was to conceal the technology and allow our users to focus on telling their stories and engaging with their audiences. By extending our partnership for a further five years, TV2 Nord is showing that we are achieving our goals and, in turn, ensuring they continue to achieve theirs.”

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