tvOne Continues to Trust ETERE for its Core Functions

tvOne Continues to Trust ETERE for its Core Functions

tvOne Continues to Trust ETERE for its Core Functions

Thu 23, 02 2023

Indonesian free-to-air TV network, tvOne, upgrades to Etere 33.2 and expands its broadcast and playout capabilities.

tvOne upgrades to Etere 33.2, bringing new levels of efficiency and agility to its system. Since 2009, tvOne has been leveraging Etere Ecosystem‘s integrative framework to manage the playout of their channels. Etere provides users with unlimited software updates and upgrades as part of its support contract. Furthermore, Etere ensures the system is always optimized to perform at its best with its exceptional 24/7 worldwide support.


tvOne uses Etere Automation to deliver its programs, including secondary events, logos, and transitions. Etere Automation combines real-time device control and media asset management the in a single product for a fully redundant and reliable performance. It transmits streaming events according to the video server capabilities, play in A/B switch mode, and remotely control devices using the network, serial, and GPI connections. Additionally, Etere Automation database-independent capabilities enable different levels of fault tolerance, allowing it to run on Backup Mode, Master/Clone Mode, and Disaster Recovery Modes. In addition, Etere Automation connects with the database of Etere Media Asset Management, effectively integrating all activities with a centralized database.


With Etere Executive Scheduling, tvOne can prepare its program schedule grid based on its planned broadcast and the placement of programs, series, promos, and commercials even before the content acquisition.


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