UAE-based Fujaira TV Selects Etere Nunzio Newsroom and MAM

UAE-based Fujaira TV Selects Etere Nunzio Newsroom and MAM

UAE-based Fujaira TV Selects Etere Nunzio Newsroom and MAM

Fri 04, 08 2023

Leading United Arab Emirates broadcaster, Fujaira TV, selects Etere Nunzio to manage its end-to-end Newsroom workflow. From delivery to editing, Nunzio streamlines the newsroom workflow by managing metadata effectively, allowing easy access to content, selection of shots and assembly of stories.

Etere delivers a complete newsroom and playout solution for leading United Arab Emirates broadcaster Fujaira TV. The modern software-based Etere Ecosystem helps Fujaira TV streamline its integrated workflows, providing the flexibility to customise and scale the system even as business requirements evolve.

Etere Nunzio Newsroom empowers Media Enterprises with the best tools to develop a story from the initial idea to the final broadcast, all from a single interface. Nunzio Newsroom is a broadcast newsroom software that is easy to use, helping managers control overall daily operations, guiding journalists to prepare their stories, and enabling editors to edit (e.g. voice-over) and deliver news stories quickly.

Furthermore, with Etere Nunzio Playout, Fujaira TV users can easily manage news feeds’ NDI, SDI and IP playout quickly, precisely and efficiently. With its support for virtualised environments, users can integrate Etere Playout into any workflow. The layout controls multiple video server channels in rundown via Etere ETX or any external video servers.

Additionally, the project includes a Nunzio Newsroom Android licence that allows journalists and editors to manage their news workflows on their mobile devices even when on the move. The mobile-optimised interface enables users to access core features quickly to meet the demands of fast-paced news operations. All users of the Nunzio Newsroom Mobile access the platform with a secured login. Once logged in, users can select any task and perform changes in real time, including preparing, checking and approving stories. The interface also features an agenda feature that allows users to select any task including scheduling, reviewing and approving stories.

Etere works closely with Fujaira TV’s operators and our project system integrator, Pharaon Broadcast SAL, to deliver a strategic framework of workflows across the end-to-end Newsroom operations at Fujaira TV. Fujaira TV’s upgrade to Etere significantly enhances efficiencies at the station and improves its ease of use.

The project includes the following Etere Ecosystem modules,

The Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) with Advanced QC is at the heart of the system. Etere MAM streamlines the complete processes of ingestion, metadata indexing, transcoding, storage and retrieval of media assets for distributing and re-purposing content. Etere MAM is accessible on both the Windows application and the web interface. It integrates seamlessly across all system processes and devices to provide real-time control and visibility. In addition, the easy search and retrieve features make it perfectly accessible for all your content creation and distribution needs.

In addition, the integrated Advanced QC is an efficient quality check software that analyses up to 4 files concurrently and streamlines your content quality check workflows with an efficient reporting environment. Etere Advanced QC can support simultaneous multi-users, multi-formats, multi-level reporting environments, multi-parameters analysis, and parallel analysis of multiple/simultaneous sources for optimised operational efficiency.

Another of the system’s key features is its support for Speech-to-Text. Etere Subtitles Tool for Closed Captions is integrated with support for Google Speech-to-Text tool, expanding its reach and enhancing its position as one of the most comprehensive subtitling tools in the market. With Etere software solutions, users are equipped with a system that future-proofs their investments and is designed with the technology and system architecture to grow with their future requirements.

The Etere system includes Etere ETX, a complete software-defined Channel-in-a-Box featuring all the capabilities needed to bring a channel live, including full IP/NDI/SDI (in and out) for multiple frame rates. As a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware software, Etere ETX delivers an integrated playout, master control, closed captions, and graphics on a single interface. ETX runs on a centralised database for real-time updates. ETX has playout features needed to bring a channel on-air, including cloud playout, ingest, automation, master control, and interactive graphics. It can manage NDI/SDI/IP output and multiple graphics insertions.

Etere Media Manager manages digital content transfer, copy, and movement from one level to another based on customisable workflow rules. It integrates with Etere Transcoder to provide encoding and decoding between media formats, conversions of bit rates, and change of video resolutions to meet lower resolution screens. Etere Transcoder also provides a flexible workflow action that can decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux and filter almost any media used in the broadcast industry.

Etere Proxy Browsing allows users to browse, select and edit any clip with secondary events. It can be accessed from an unlimited number of browsing stations.

Etere ETX-L Live Loudness Control prevents excessive audio jumps and provides automatic audio control using ITU-R BS: 1770/ITU-R BS.1771 and peak value analysis. Etere ETX-L Live Loudness Control is the most versatile software for correcting common errors and avoiding fines due to excessive transmission volume. With Etere, it is also possible to perform a preliminary calculation of the output volume through the loudness statistics of a specific broadcast day.

The station operators can also access Etere Web for all core functionalities of the system, allowing them to drive their workflows from wherever they are, even while on the move. The mobile-optimised platform is accessible on smart devices, including tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

Etere Web Floating Licence is the user licence to access Etere Web. Etere Web can only be accessed through an authenticated login. With the floating licence, licenses can be shared among more users.

Broadcast Quality Player is included in this project, allowing Fujaira TV to preview, monitor and playback their file-based content with professional broadcast quality and a seamless browsing experience. It is a professional player that supports 4k playback, browsing, monitoring and quality control features, including full-resolution dual-monitor capabilities.

Etere Ingest is an all-in-one software comprising integrated modules that can fulfil all types of ingesting requirements, including manual, scheduled, and automatic. It is a highly effective solution to ingest from all the most common feeds and store the ingested media in the primary system based on user-defined workflows.

Etere SNMP Console is a customisable solution that optimises all processes, infrastructure performance and devices within a single interface. Etere provides a standard, flexible, easy-to-use browser interface designed to be highly customisable to facilitate system monitoring; it can detect and recover potential problems automatically. In addition, Etere SNMP Console can receive SNMP messages sent by other non-Etere applications or devices such as network switches, routers, and firewalls.

Etere F90 is included in this project to provide a seamless connection between two different systems and guarantee maximum accuracy in the information importing and exporting processes through a fully automated and paperless data application flow. Etere F90 uses an auto-update engine that updates the playlist without manual intervention.

Etere Resource Management empowers broadcasters with real-time agenda and task manager for enhanced collaboration across cross-functional departments. Etere users can track, log, and approve tasks and appointments from a centralised console with real-time updates, paving the way for greater operational efficiencies.

Etere Tapeless Reception is a web-based interface allowing operators to manage all digital content from external sources easily. It allows digital content to be delivered digitally without creating physical copies.

With Etere CAL, multiple users can access the same PC without additional licences as the licence is identified by the computer, not by username.

Etere T-Workflow perfectly orchestrates tasks, procedures and action items across the end-to-end workflow. Entirely customisable for match media needs, Etere T-Workflow offers redundant engines and paths to provide 24/7 reliability, auto-failover, configurable high-priority processing and distributed control to ensure no single point of failure.

Etere Executive Scheduling is part of the integrated solution that automatically detects and updates scheduled events with associated licensed content, contractual commercials and ad insertions. The software allows station operators to segment and prepare the schedule grid in advance based on planned broadcasts and the placement of programs, series, promos, and commercials before acquiring content.

Etere STMan provides broadcasters with a multi-layer and real-time management of secondary objects associated with scheduled events. Etere STMan allows on-air broadcasts, including the complex graphics mining the data from scheduling and Etere Media Asset Management (MAM).

Etere Disklibrary is a next-generation software solution that manages archives based on sleeping disks. It is a cost-efficient alternative to LTO and ODA libraries. It allows mixing any archive enclosure as well as different disk technologies. For long-term benefits, Etere DiskLibrary provides easy maintenance and upgrades. The ultra-fast retrieval time of Etere DiskLibrary fits better in the Newsroom application and MAM, where data needs to be retrieved as fast as possible. The easily expandable and small footprint fits in every system. Etere DiskLibrary allows unlimited I/O, while the number of files and linear access limits LTO access. Etere DiskLibrary is also easier to maintain and upgrade.

For a media management strategy that works for your business, please contact our specialists for a customised consultation.

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