VTV4 Expands Library managed by Etere HSM with the Addition of 375 Slots

VTV4 Expands Library managed by Etere HSM with the Addition of 375 Slots

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VTV4 Expands Library managed by Etere HSM with the Addition of 375 Slots

Fri 10, 02 2023

VTV4, a TV channel managed by VTV, the national broadcaster of Vietnam, has renewed its confidence in the Etere Ecosystem.

To meet the increasing demand for content, VTV4, a long-running customer of Etere, renews its confidence in Etere by expanding the scope of its media library managed by Etere HSM, a part of the Etere Ecosystem. The system now comprises of 375 slots, and it is ready to meet the company’s evolving needs.Etere understands the importance of making your content work for you. A flexible and reliable archive management is part of the effective management of any media or broadcasting company. Etere HSM fulfills all of these and more.Etere HSM effectively manages all your archives in an integrated environment. Its centralized dashboard gives you direct access to real-time data from multiple libraries, all on a single system. Additionally, Etere supports a mix of archive technology, including Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) storage, Disk Archive, Object Storage, and Cloud Storage. The centralized dashboard features real-time data across all your archive systems, including on-site archives, management of offline tapes, and libraries across multiple locations worldwide.Etere is a completely flexible software that allows users to mix different archive storage technologies in a single system. Furthermore, with integrated workflow orchestration, users can easily manage and automate multi-vendor and multi-format file transformations across unlimited storage tiers in a hybrid cloud environment.Key Benefits of Etere HSM■ Supports LTO, including LTO9■ Stores all metadata associated with the video■ Manages auto-update of the media library■ Produces multiple copies of tapes■ Backs up the database for enhanced security■ MS Windows based and can interface with all library or tape drives that are MS Windows compatible■ Cost-efficiency with a lower cost per GB, lower operating expenses, and lower energy expenditure■ Etere HSM is a part of the Etere Ecosystem, which is completely scalable and flexible to suit media and broadcasting companies of any sizesFor more information, please get in touch with us at info@etere.com

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