PHABRIX QxP: BaM Shortlist – Support

PHABRIX QxP: BaM Shortlist – Support

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PHABRIX QxP: BaM Shortlist – Support

Journal Article by PHABRIX

Tue 20, 12 2022

PHABRIX is pleased to present its first example of a traditional ‘Waveform Monitor’ – but with a twist. Inheriting all the class leading features and flexibility of the QxL Rasterizer, the QxP additionally features an integral 3U multi-touch 1920x1200 LCD screen, speaker, integral V-Mount (or G-Mount) battery plate, integral mains PSU and 12v external DC input. You now have 12G SDI and 25G ST 2110 compliance monitoring in a portable form factor using industry standard Camera Batteries.

With its new class-leading Waveforms, the QxP is equally at home on-set in SDR or HDR Productions, Grading, Shading, or QC, MCR, Engineering and R&D environments. The user is free to use the integral screen, or external HDMI monitor, and use the flexible tool layout to view up to 16 instruments simultaneously. A rich set of remote access options including NoVNC and uniquely the UI as 2110-20 (video) and 2110-30/31 (audio) flows provides all the ‘headless’ operational flexibility of a conventional Rasterizer and more.

The QxP includes SMPTE ST 2110, 2022-6 and a wide range of formats as standard. In-field upgrades are available for a rich set of options: UHD/4K, IP-MEAS, HDR, Dolby E decode, PCAP capture, EUHD and extensive AV-ANC test signal generation. Factory-fitted options provide 12G-SDI interfaces and RTE™ real-time SDI eye and jitter analysis, with an engineering grade data view and an optional, unique advanced SDI-STRESS toolset.

For real-time IP workflows the QxP supports simultaneous Generation and Analysis of SD/HD/3G/UHD/EUHD 2110 payloads on generic SFP28/25 GbE interfaces, with ST 2022-7 Seamless IP Protection Switching (SIPS) and independent PTP followers on both media ports for fully-redundant media network operation – all with AMWA NMOS IS-04 and IS-05.

Whether working in SD, HD, UHD, SDR, HDR, SDI or IP, conventional or remote production, the QxP combines the user-configurability and advanced tools required for full operational flexibility when transitioning to next generation workflows.

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