Renewal of the FM network in Namibia

Renewal of the FM network in Namibia


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Renewal of the FM network in Namibia

By Anton Vogl, KATHREIN Broadcast GmbH

Thu 10, 09 2020

Commissioning of new NBC Combiners

As part of the renewal of the FM network in Namibia, Kathrein supplied numerous FM Combiners with an input power of up to 6x 5 kW, which are used at several stations across the country. The high mechanical stability and robustness, as well as the excellent thermal stability of the Kathrein combiners prove to be a great advantage especially in African regions, where transport routes are often long and very difficult and the climatic conditions also changing frequently. Kathrein project managers Anton Vogl and Gerhard Lerche were on site to work with Mbeno Murangi from the Namibia Broadcasting Corpo-ration (NBC) to adapt the combiners to the narrow conditions and to put them into operation.

After difficult transport through the terrain in Namibia, the combiner modules arrive safely at the station.

Photo: © Vogl|KATHREIN Broadcast GmbH

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