Satellite Webinar

Satellite Webinar

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Satellite Webinar

Thu 30, 04 2020

Despite the accelerating cord cutting in North America and Europe, satellite Pay-TV market continues to grow at a stable rate in other markets like Latin America, the Middle East and Africa as well as Asia Pacific.

In these regions, satellite operators continue to benefit from high demand for digital broadcasting, as many countries are still planning or in the midst of their digital transition strategies.

IABM’s Satellite Market webinar looks into the global market outlook, regional trends, challenges, competitive landscape and key stakeholders. The webinar also includes an expert panel providing prospects and insights about the global satellite market in the coming years.

Hosted by Riikka Koponen (Principal Analyst, IABM) who is joined by Sasha Zivanovic (CEO, Nextologies) & Bryan McGuirk (SVP Business Development, LTN Global).

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