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Datavideo was established in January 1985, by Mr Jack Lin in Taipei, Taiwan. During 1985-1989, Datavideo\'s main efforts were on \"Product Innovation\". Dolby Surround was the first product innovation of Datavideo in Taiwan. In 1990, Datavideo started to be an original design manufacturer (ODM) and focus on the prosumer market. Datavideo built ODM brands; Ampico, Recoton, Sima and Germany ODM brand Hama. In 1994, Datavideo started to develop its own branded products, SE-100 and SE-200 broadcast video switchers. In 2003, Datavideo designed a new generation switcher, SE-800. This product leads Datavideo to enter the professional market. Since then, Datavideo has affirmed itself in the broadcast market. Now, Datavideo not only develops products for the broadcast market, but also works within the professional A/V field, with integrations in conference halls, concert stages, theatres, schools and stadiums.

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