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IABM members covers the entire broadcast and media technology supply chain
With over 500 members worldwide, every significant market is covered
Members local interests are championed by the IABM Member Councils

EMS Technical Personnel are specialists in the recruitment of high quality Broadcast Engineering, Information Technology and Operational professionals, on both a Contract and Permanent basis. We are in touch with a range of professionals from all levels who possess a wide variety of skills and experience in: • Project Design, Engineering, Operations & Support • Ingest, MAM & DAM, Post & Workflow • MCR, Playout • Software & Application Architecture, Design, Build & Deployment • IT Infrastructure Architecture, Design, Build & Deployment • QA, Test & Training • Telecoms, Networking & Mobile • Web, Internet, Intranet, Mobile • Editing, Technical Operations, Post Production Being in the unique position of coming from a broadcast background covering both technical and operations, we know what our clients are looking for and aim to provide the very best service possible. Known and respected throughout the industry, EMS has associations with all the main broadcasters in the UK and many international clients. Honesty, respect and professionalism runs through everything we do and we are committed to maintaining very high standards with everyone that works with us. So, whether you're searching for your next assignment or career move, or looking to make that key appointment in your team, please contact EMS first.

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