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Facilis Technology was founded in 2003 with the idea of bringing advanced storage technology to the Media and Entertainment industry at a reasonable cost. Since then, there has been a shift in the industry toward IT-centric commodity storage, bringing with it all the complexities and overhead of enterprise networking, and the well-known inefficiencies that arise when working with large video files. Facilis means simple, and our approach is different. Instead of focusing on expensive and complex hardware to get around the inefficiencies of the network, we change the network. Our Shared File System is unique in the market, allowing connection over Fibre Channel and Ethernet, with a custom protocol that avoids the overhead and latencies of network storage systems. We then add the ability to run at full speed even when completely full, a trait that cannot be found in any other storage system, and one that has a direct effect on your total cost of ownership. We offer advanced SSD and Hybrid server products along with dynamic sharing methods for both block and file-level data access. Combined, these features serve to future-proof your facility infrastructure for years to come, no matter what the next job entails. Join with the thousands of existing customers, and Share the Performance, with Facilis Technology.

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