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'Implementing A Flexible Monetization Strategy' - A Brightcove Webinar

4th December 2023

'Implementing A Flexible Monetization Strategy' - A Brightcove Webinar

Date: Monday 4th December

Time: 2pm - 3pm UK Time

Media companies tend to use a monetization model that’s based primarily on their audience or their content. And that works…to a point. The problem is, the more narrowly defined your monetization model is, the more revenue opportunities you miss out on altogether. In this session, Brightcove will run through how best to choose your monetisation model, their strengths and shortcomings, and how these models can be refined for maximum revenue generation.

Key Topics:

How are organizations choosing their monetization model?

- Content type

- Audience profile

- Geography

- Platform

- Business expectation

How are organizations acquiring their audience and how are they determining the ‘right audience’ for their business models?

What type of content is driving sign-ups/registrations/trials?

What approach (activities/initiatives/campaigns) are organizations using to

- attract new customers

- Convert trials to engaged customers

- Save idle/inactive customers before they churn

- Win-back their audience

How are the organizations maximizing their monetization?

Webinar rescheduled from 15th November 2023