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IABM Executive Summit Series (Cologne)

3rd June 2019

How network operators and the Broadcast supply chain are combining to facilitate 'direct to consumer' relationships

Monday 3 June, 3pm - 7pm

Hyatt Regency Cologne, Kennedy-Ufer 2a, 50679 Cologne, Germany

Our Executive Summit series bring together the most influential and visionary thought leaders from broadcast and media companies and the world’s best technology suppliers to collaborate and discuss key trends, opportunities and disruptors in an open, non-commercial forum.

The convergence between the telco, IT and Broadcast industries continues apace and this event will highlight through case-study presentations the new business opportunities from this convergence.

Attracting IABM members, telco operators, content owners and end-user customers the event is an opportunity to learn from others and network with new contacts from tangential industries.


Media delivery in a changing online landscape

  • Mark Schultinga, CDN Specialist – DACH, Centurylink
  • Bram Tullemans, Project Owner, Eurovision Flow Multi-CDN, EBU

A session hosted by EBU and CenturyLink about ‘19/’20s online media landscape.

Online media delivery is rapidly changing. Classic single vendor strategies are being replaced by Multi-CDN, pre-integrated environments. One of Europe’s leading broadcasting organisations will share their experience and best practices.

Monetizing media straight from Archive: Porsche News TV case study

In November 2018, Porsche News TV has been launched as Porsche's global video platform for journalists, bloggers and the online community. The new playout-channel was inaugurated with the live-streaming of the global press presentation of the new Porsche 911 model in Los Angeles, USA. Reaching over 2 million views for this major event, the new channel was extremely successful for Porsche. News TV is the first integrated playout-channel of the new Porsche Media Database service, both built by Germany's media management specialist Flow Works. Flow Works overall system for Porsche thus combines full production- and content management abilities with fully integrated playout to multiple channels, offering impressive VOD and live streaming capabilities. In the presentation we will tell about how this system was built mentioning all the parts it consists of.

You can watch the channel live here.

Broadcasters joining forces to create a D2C OTT offering in the Netherlands

  • Neils Baas, Managing Director, NLZIET
  • Andrew Knight, Engagement Director - Managed OTT, Red Bee Media

NLZIET, a combined initiative by Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO and commercial broadcasters RTL and Talpa TV, was looking to improve their streaming service in order to create a viable alternative for linear TV in the Netherlands. Red Bee Media was selected as the crucial supplier to be able to deliver on this brand promise, with a fast-to-market, scalable, secure and future proof cloud based service. This session will outline the journey NLZIET has made so far and will uncover some of the most important challenges and learnings of this unique cooperation between rival broadcasters. We will highlight the challenges and opportunities of the OTT business model, the importance of scalability (incl. what it takes to deliver this) and short time to market when starting an OTT Service. Flexibility, scalability and improving the viewer experience are key concepts that we will touch upon in this talk.

Media Function Virtualization (MFV): impact on operations

Migration of media functions to virtualized environments such as Kubernetes, comes with a lot of challenges. Virtualization by nature implies highly dynamic usage patterns, ability to scale up and down very fast, serving multiple different media workloads and multi-cloud capable. For some time, non-real time media processing (files) has been successfully deployed in MFV’s, however, doing the similar migration for linear has proven to be much harder. Different to traditional media preparation, far reaching automation, orchestration and intelligent monitoring has become table stakes for deliver service quality, availability and performance in virtualized environments.

In this session, the challenges of running linear workflows on containers will be explained, as well as the impact on the workflows. The session will use illustrations of Kubernetes based media functions.

Designing Smarter Newsrooms: How Connectivity and Collaboration is Radically Changing Storytelling

  • Georg Lenzen, VP of Product, Make.TV
  • Martin Monzel, Key Account Manager, Make.TV

Being first to break the news and having an alternative angle is what sets newsrooms apart. Smartphone cameras can now produce high quality footage and enable anyone to contribute to news. This rise in new contributors is an opportunity for newsrooms to radically change storytelling. Make.TV provides the infrastructure to make that happen.

Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud, which won ‘NAB Show 2019 Product of the Year’, enables newsrooms to remain at the forefront of breaking news. In this session you will learn about why leading news broadcasters like Al Jazeera are building newsrooms in the cloud. They will explore how smart newsrooms allow for cost efficient and timely development of hyper-local news acquisition, enabling citizen journalists to enhance the network’s live or near-live coverage of local happenings, enriching broadcasts and providing a wider range of angles and perspectives at the scene.

The Business of Broadcast & Media

  • Darren Whitehead, Director of Business Development, IABM

This session provides a quick overview of the global Broadcast & Media Market, its supply chain trends and more importantly the drivers of change impacting on the global content offering.

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