Spectra Logic: Spectra Vail

Spectra Logic: Spectra Vail

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Spectra Logic: Spectra Vail

Journal Article by Spectra Logic

Tue 20, 12 2022

Spectra Vail® is a distributed multi-cloud data management software that unifies and simplifies data access, usage and protection across on-premises storage, multiple clouds and storage platforms. For media organizations managing digital assets in a distributed workflow, Spectra Vail software allows users to leverage on-premises applications and native cloud services no matter where content is created or stored, fostering collaboration by providing universal access to data in a single namespace and automating digital asset placement across multiple clouds and sites.

The first of its kind, Spectra Vail software fosters collaboration by streamlining the creation of a common platform where any asset is available from anywhere to anyone. The software helps organizations optimize fast access and cloud egress costs, while providing a secure, central repository for long-term preservation and disaster recovery. Spectra Vail disrupts the industry by delivering the flexibility to balance location, performance and storage costs of digital assets in a single managed, unified cloud-operating environment, which ultimately accelerates the accessing, sharing and archiving of digital content for long-term media monetization.

Vail Benefits

Vail accommodates unlimited capacity, object count, sites and users. Users benefit from cloud transcode, edit, playout and metadata strip capabilities from various cloud vendors without the need to manually manage each data set and inherently know each cloud’s interface. The software facilitates the orchestration of digital assets to ensure that content resides in the location where it brings the most value and at optimal cost. The data is available from one or multiple locations, allowing on-prem and cloud applications to use the same data without negatively impacting performance.

Customer-defined policies automate the placement of digital assets while assigning the retention policies that best meet corporate service levels. Vail provides multi-directional data synchronization across clouds and on-premises storage so that when content is changed in one location, it automatically changes at other locations. By easily moving assets to the cloud provider that best meets data needs at a given time, Vail helps organizations avoid cloud lock-in. Furthermore, by integrating on-prem media storage with cloud services, Spectra Vail optimizes data egress for lowest cost and fastest access, ultimately allowing organizations to right-size their cloud storage footprint. Vail manages the synchronization of cloud and on-premises storage repositories so that users and applications can be directed to either type of storage based on locality and performance requirements.

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