BaM Stock Exchange™
Matching component shortages and surplus

The BaM Stock Exchange™ has been set up by IABM in response to a 2021 survey of members which found the vast majority of respondents were experiencing shortages of electronic components. Find out more in this press release.

The BaM Stock Exchange™ enables IABM member companies around the world to list their excess stock using internationally accepted parts codes and descriptions. It is a value-added service designed to keep short supply components within the industry to the benefit of all.

IABM member companies who are experiencing shortages can search the BaM Stock Exchange™ listings below using filters to quickly discover if parts they require are available. If a match is found, IABM will connect the stockholder with the potential customer to complete the transaction.

Below you will see all of the parts that have currently been submitted by IABM members. If you are interested in them then please click the "Connect Me" button and complete the short form and we will connect you with the company.

We anticipate that the list will be updated frequently as more member companies add their excess stock, so please check back regularly if you cannot currently find what you need.

If you have surplus hardware components that you are looking to sell to other companies, please click here to submit the details.

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