Studio Network Solutions EVO Cloud: BaM Award Winner, Store

Studio Network Solutions EVO Cloud: BaM Award Winner, Store

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Studio Network Solutions EVO Cloud: BaM Award Winner, Store

Fri 15, 12 2023

Studio Network Solutions EVO Cloud: BaM Award Winner, Store

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) is a leading media technology company in the broadcast and post-production industry. Best known for their high-performance EVO shared storage solution, SNS has turned heads with the launch of EVO Cloud, a fully cloud-hosted solution for media production teams that is setting a new standard for remote and cloud-based creative workflows.

Earning multiple awards this year—including the Cloud Computing & Storage Product of the Year Award at NAB Show and the Store Award at the IABM BaM Awards® at IBC—EVO Cloud isn’t just stealing the spotlight; it’s rewriting the script for cloud-based workflows and amplifying creativity beyond the limits of physical space.

Here are some reasons why EVO Cloud stands out in the cloud-covered sky of media production.

What makes EVO Cloud different?

Purpose-built for remote post-production teams, EVO Cloud pairs the video-first focus of EVO shared storage with secure cloud technology so creative teams can work from anywhere. It is the only cloud storage platform that bears the EVO brand trusted by media teams around the world. And it comes with the multi-award-winning EVO Suite of software tools included for unlimited users.

The truth is: there are countless cloud storage providers out there, but traditional cloud storage services aren’t built for video production workflows. They typically require at least three to four additional product integrations just to get a useful workflow. And managing all those platforms and integrations can be a struggle for creative production teams. After all, what good is cloud storage if it’s too hard to find the media your team has uploaded, or you have to pay an arm and a leg in worrisome egress fees just to use your media in your projects?

EVO Cloud is fundamentally different, bringing both storage and workflow to the cloud—exclusively for video content creation teams. It does all of this with no egress fees, no per-seat user license fees, and no on-premise storage hardware required.

Workflow from anywhere

EVO Cloud is a secure, private cloud instance with all of the workflow tools creative teams need to create amazing content, faster, from anywhere.

It comes with the award-winning EVO Suite, which includes a powerful and easy-to-use media asset manager (MAM), so everyone on your production team can search, tag, comment, preview, and collaborate on media and projects from anywhere in the world. The MAM is seamlessly integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve, so editors can find and import media directly into their timeline, without ever leaving their editing application.

Remote editing workflows can be a lot faster with proxy files. EVO’s automatic transcoding turns your high-resolution source media into lightweight proxy files, which you can download locally for offline editorial, or attach directly in your editing application to edit-in-place in the cloud.

And EVO Cloud plays well with others, too. You can schedule replication and automation jobs to back up media and projects from EVO Cloud to other cloud storage systems like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Wasabi, and Azure for a seamless, multi-cloud workflow.

All of these tools come included for unlimited users with EVO Cloud to accelerate global collaboration for creative teams. It’s a disruptive solution that brings the best of workflow, storage, and cloud technology together in a single solution. That’s what makes EVO Cloud stand above the rest.

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