Swarm 12 Intelligent Data Management for Content Access, Delivery & Archive

Swarm 12 Intelligent Data Management for Content Access, Delivery & Archive


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Swarm 12 Intelligent Data Management for Content Access, Delivery & Archive

By Eric Day, Director of Product, Caringo

Wed 25, 11 2020

Swarm v12 is still object storage, but has evolved into an intelligent data management platform for content access, delivery and archive

As if the data landscape was not already challenging, it became even more so because of COVID-19. With myriad companies suddenly moving to an almost completely remote workforce, the accessibility of files for remote workers was and remains on the critical path for just about every type of business you can imagine.

Challenges for Storing Data in the 21st Century


As Swarm release version 12 was in planning, we identified a number of challenges that organizations faced in dealing with data in this third decade of the 21st Century. As data piled up, traditional storage was often augmented with public cloud storage. For some, a public cloud solution was ideal, but for others, it was lacking in security, accessibility and affordability. So, with Swarm 12, we set out to make it easier for businesses to:

  • Add storage capacity continuously while transparently providing data access
  • Comply with industry and government regulations
  • Keep both TCA (total cost of acquisition) and TCO (total cost of ownership) within budget
  • Archive data securely long term
  • Ensure that remote staff can access the data they need
  • Leverage cost benefits of public cloud for disaster recovery

What’s New in Swarm Version 12?


In Swarm 12, we continue to evolve object storage into an intelligent data management system. From the beginning, we’ve worked to make Swarm smart (if you are not familiar with The Smarts of the Swarm whitepaper, it is worth a read). And, in our latest release, we’ve focused on enabling more flexible distributed protection and immediate global content use across geographically dispersed sites. We’ve done this through a variety of changes including:

  • Automated management of distributed synchronous workflows via remote synchronous write (RSW) policies
  • Ease of use for end-users as they store, organize, find and share files through an updated user interface (UI) that includes drag & drop, multi-upload and an improved content view that is familiar to users
  • Expanded identity management connectivity via single sign-on (SSO) with SAML 2.0 that includes support for services like Okta, OneLogin and Google GSuite
  • Cost optimization for long-term (cold) storage leveraging tape through AWS S3 Glacier and AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive support and certification with FUJIFILM Object Archive (a tape object solution)
  • Architectural optimizations for flash and optimal utilization of dense storage nodes


Learn More About Swarm Version 12


Join me and Sr. Consultant John Bell for our Tech Tuesday webinar to learn more about Swarm 12 Intelligent Data Management for Access, Archive and Content. We will take a deep dive into new features and functionality as well as the benefits that Swarm 12 brings to organizations struggling with storing and managing data. Feel free to bring your questions to the webinar, or email them to us at info@caringo.com if you need more information immediately.

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