Mediatech Radar: Talent Shortages in MediaTech

Mediatech Radar: Talent Shortages in MediaTech


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Mediatech Radar: Talent Shortages in MediaTech

Fri 14, 06 2024

June 2024

MediaTech Radar is a monthly newsletter put together by IABM’s Business Intelligence Unit. It focuses on a spotlight topic in MediaTech and reflects on a series of past, present, and future business developments in the industry. In this edition, our spotlight topic is Talent Shortages in MediaTech, the first report published in our new Megatrend research series, to be followed later this year by ESG: Tangible Sustainability, Supply Chain and Democratization Megatrend reports.

MediaTech Spotlight: Talent Shortages in MediaTech

A spotlight topic in MediaTech.

Our first Megatrend report, Talent Shortages in MediaTech, is based on extensive research combining data from our talent survey, a wide range of expert interviews and a literature review. The report covers a broad spectrum of topics including recruitment, competition for technical talent, pay and working conditions, strategy implementation, education and training, the impact of AI, collaborative initiatives and actionable recommendations for effectively tackling talent shortages. Regional variations in the MediaTech talent market, including challenges and solutions tailored for each region, are also explored in detail. Below, we have included a selection of insights from the report:

  • Talent shortages in MediaTech are caused by a range of factors including rapid changes in technology and convergence with other sectors increasing competition for technical talent.
  • Shortcomings in education and training, salary differentials and challenging working conditions are also contributing to talent shortages.
  • Limited awareness of career opportunities and entry pathways into MediaTech is also contributing to talent shortages. Educational initiatives, industry partnerships and outreach programs can help increase this awareness.
  • Partnerships with educational establishments help to ensure that courses are kept up to date and align with the technical skills needed by the industry.
  • Companies can improve employee retention by fostering a positive working environment that includes flexible arrangements and career development opportunities and establishing policies to tackle unacceptable workplace behavior.
  • Industry collaboration to develop mentorship networks, industry-driven internships, apprenticeship schemes and open learning resources can help secure a pipeline of technical talent into the sector.
  • The sector needs to reach out more to underrepresented groups through collaborative Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and work to ensure that opportunities for training, development and support are made available to as many people as possible.

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