Technology that brings Sporting Events to Fans

Technology that brings Sporting Events to Fans


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Technology that brings Sporting Events to Fans

Mon 20, 12 2021

Watching sports is a pastime around the world, and it has been exciting to see the sports world firing back up after shutting down at the height of the pandemic. Of course, more people than ever are viewing the games across various platforms, including fixed (TVs and PCs) and mobile (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.). Just how does technology come together to bring content to viewers—with hours of footage (live and canned), complex overlays, closed captioning and subtitling? On November 9, I’ll host industry experts on the 2nd episode of our Coffee & Codecs webinar series to talk about:

  • The past and present of sports broadcasting
  • Content creation and streaming, with perspectives on the transition from HD to 4K to 8K viewing
  • Predictions for technology trends and how they will affect sports viewing (and maybe a few sports predications too!)
  • About the Presenters

We have a great group of presenters for this second episode of Coffee & Codecs. They include experts from Dalet, the 8K Association and, of course, MainConcept. Our presenters include:

Dave Euson, Presales and Technical Account Manager, Dalet

Dave is a digital media specialist with a passion for helping individuals around the world streamline their digital video process. His deep understanding of the production, editing and post-production of digital content creation and the technology stack behind it also drives his personal hobbies, which include video editing, travel videography and digital music technology. Dave is an Esports fanatic and follows the Dodgers (through both good times and well…when they need a little help).

Chris Chinnock, Executive Director, 8K Association

Chris is the Founder and Executive Director of the 8K Association, as well as the founder and President of Insight Media. He is a 30-year display-industry veteran having worked in Displays, Broadcast, Cinema, ProAV and consumer electronics. He is experienced with writing, publishing, market/technology forecasting, strategic and tactical consulting and industry event production. He also co-founded the 3D @ Home Consortium. Chris also loves to work with his hands fixing up houses and doing landscaping, along with participating in active sports like water skiing, snow skiing and pickleball.

Thomas Kramer, VP Strategy & Biz Dev, MainConcept

Thomas has a long history in the Codec industry and has been with MainConcept for the better part of two decades. Instrumental in both the vision and the implementation of our product line, Thomas has worked as both a software engineer on MainConcept codec technology and in application engineering. Prior to his current role as VP of Strategy and Business Development, he was VP of Product Management. Thomas resides near Aachen, Germany where MainConcept was founded, and is a big fan of Fußball (soccer).


As vice-president of Global Marketing, Geoff oversees a team of product marketing, communications, and creative design experts and drives the overall marketing direction of MainConcept. With over 20 years of experience, Geoff has worked for a prestigious roster of companies such as Qualcomm, Intuit, Silicon Graphics,, and McDonald’s. Geoff earned an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. When not working, Geoff enjoys hiking, running, Scuba diving, reading and travel.

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