Telestream: ARGUS

Telestream: ARGUS

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Telestream: ARGUS

Journal Article by Telestream

Tue 20, 12 2022

ARGUS is a new product from Telestream that represents the next step in centralized video monitoring management. It was developed in response to the needs of OTT service providers who require large scale comprehensive monitoring of their entire distribution network. ARGUS enables automated surveillance of each video transition point with data aggregation from monitoring probes across the video delivery chain and provides deep dive analytics data that enables service providers to quickly identify the source of video quality issues and their root causes. Without a system like ARGUS, service providers are effectively blind when locating problems across the delivery chain.

With its true consolidated management and analytics, ARGUS introduces a new distributed system architecture that enables scaling the number of monitoring points from small to large. This enables probes to be deployed across various regions or countries while still being connected to the same centralized management system. Service provider no longer need to manage monitoring points from different regions and territories separately. They can aggregate all the data from hundreds to thousands of different probing points into a single unified interface.

ARGUS also takes advantage of a new microservices architecture optimized for virtual and cloud deployments, targeting the needs of larger media companies who demand solutions be cloud friendly while fitting into their automated and orchestrated deployment workflow. ARGUS’s ability to scale at a global level enables large media companies to deploy the monitoring in container and Kubernetes cloud-native environments along with automation and orchestration needed to instantly report on the health of the system in real time.

ARGUS allows users to monitor by exception with multiple alarm levels and thresholds that ensure engineers can find and fix problems fast. It provides alert visualization of active alarms in a single pane of glass. Plus, in-depth troubleshooting to pinpoint the root cause of issues such as compression artifacts, transport stream impairments, and network delivery issues.

Any migration to the next generation video distribution drives a lot of complexity and new requirements for visibility of the Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS). ARGUS alerts if the DAI infrastructure is broken for ads by reporting on accurate execution of placements conveyed by SCTE-35 markers and maintaining the requisite AV quality of ads that match core content parameters. Identifying instances where the marking process fails is an effective way to track fill rates and identify why they may be underperforming.

ARGUS is a critical part of reducing subscriber churn and ensures successful monetization for  streaming service providers.

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