The Rescue Remote Solution in the Cloud for Production Teams

The Rescue Remote Solution in the Cloud for Production Teams


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The Rescue Remote Solution in the Cloud for Production Teams

Tue 31, 03 2020

Getting The Job Done: Production Teams During COVID-19 Global Pandemic

As scientists and doctors work around the clock to save lives while global measures to flatten the curve (398,900+ COVID-19 cases to date) continue, such as global lock-downs and travel bans, journalists and production teams are experiencing extremely difficult and unique circumstances surrounding news asset collection and publishing.

For a majority of those working in the media industry, there is a newsroom epicenter in which all digital content is stored and shared via internal servers, as shown in the example below of a global newsroom:

A digital Newsroom in Brussels working with collaborators world-wide.

Now due to the global crisis, these production teams are faced with a seemingly impossible task of capturing, working with and publishing news content as quickly as possible.

With government restrictions limiting these employees’ access to a traditional centralized office, the ability to work collaboratively is now compromised as on-prem network bandwidth and server capacity are not prepared for such circumstances.

Due to the situation at hand, many teams are seeking modern day remote-production solutions to get the job done, without risking their health or going against the law.

The Great Cloud Migration is Here: Production Teams Focusing on Media Asset Management

From Press Agencies to News TV Channels, many teams are experiencing the same issue. Just accessing rough content has been an extremely difficult task for many employees world-wide over the past couple weeks.

Forced to work remotely in an effort to contain the epidemic, production teams are left scrambling to organize all of their digital assets and find a quick-fix solution to access and share these assets from a centralized point.

In response, many teams are turning toward cloud-based, digital media asset management (MAM) solutions, allowing employees to work from home. Companies are hence looking for a solution to access the content they either work with, share or sell.

But in this period of crisis, time remains the most precious factor.

Normally, media asset management is an all-hands-on deck effort that can take months to correctly plan and implement on a company-wide scale. During this international epidemic, the days, hours, minutes– even seconds count when it comes to accessing content that needs to be delivered to the public…content that has the potential to save lives.

Thankfully, technology is on our side.

Newsbridge Cloud-Based Newsroom: Go-To Solution for Some of World’s Largest News Agencies

It has been an extremely rewarding past couple weeks for the Newsbridge team, as various clients and prospects have turned toward our team as their remote production solution during this time.

Using a cloud-based Multimodal AI powered Media Asset Management Platform that allows for the kick-off of rough cuts in a matter of minutes, Newsbridge’s SOS remote production solution has been a life-saver for many, among which include some of the largest Press Agencies in the World.

The Newsbridge MAM solution for production teams promises unprecedented access to content from the comfort of your own home- promoting collaborative workflows among your shared content while your team is apart. In return, Newsbridge users are seeing an uptick in employee autonomy and ROI with a major decrease in production time.

Newsbridge’s cloud-based platform serves as the new newsroom epicenter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In just a matter of minutes, teams are able to upload all of their digital media assets onto Newsbridge’s cloud platform. This pool of media assets is then automatically indexed via advanced AI technology (facial, language, object and context detection). At the same time, users are also able to plug and schedule live stream recordings to work in real-time on live news feeds.

Once rough cuts are created, teams can simply export their cart of selected clips to the destination of their choice or download them in a preferred format.

By prioritizing real-time collaborative production in a shared, cloud-based workspace, multiple team members can access and work on projects with custom roles.

Crafted with hands-on industry insight, the Newsbridge platform ingests HD and UHD industry standard formats such as H.264, HEVC, TS, XDCAM, AVC-Intra, XAVC, Prores, RTMP, LiveU LRT, Aviwest SafeStream, SRT and more.

In the case of top press agencies working with Newsbridge, employees are able to download their rough cuts and send directly to their clients in either a file or link format.

A Solution with Short Term Benefits and Long-Term Results

Despite being the go-to remote production solution during times of crisis to access and share digital content, the Newsbridge Platform offers an extensive list of advanced functionalities that give Press Agencies, TV Channels, journalists and production teams an edge in production workflow processes.

For a more complete look at Newsbridge functionalities such as Cognitive Indexing, Automatic Transcription, Live Production Tools and our Signature Multimodal AI, take a look at our existing features in our latest article, or feel free to explore the site.

Rescue Remote Production from Newsbridge: Free 15 Day Trial

In times of crisis, it is important to think collectively and help each other out.

We would like to open up our platform with a free trial run for production teams during this time, which also happens to be a large-scale quarantine period for a majority of countries- and hence the most difficult time for production teams.

For more information to access this offer, please contact our team here.

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