Vizrt – NAB Show 2023 BaM Award winner – Produce

Vizrt – NAB Show 2023 BaM Award winner – Produce

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Vizrt – NAB Show 2023 BaM Award winner – Produce

Fri 14, 07 2023

Viz Arena 5.1

It’s become increasingly important for sports-based productions to immerse and engage fans to elevate the viewing experience, but also monetize with creative virtual advertising. One way to achieve both better engagement and the ability to virtually advertise is by using Viz Arena. Real-time 3D virtual graphics (AR) can be applied to any sport event: over the stands, completely unobtrusive beneath the players in a stadium or court, on a racing track, or on an uneven golf course.

Broadcasters can create and use any kind of augmented reality graphics to provide more insight into the game or event – including down and distance lines, offside lines, heat maps, player line-ups, or replay graphics to review critical referee calls. Graphics can be shown live as the game unfolds or as quick in-game replays.

Viz Arena 5 extends to Viz AI-powered keying technology trained for Soccer and Basketball. Viz AI automates keying based on each sport, significantly improving the visual quality of graphics-enhanced sports productions. Powered by Viz AI, the Advanced Keyers solve specific ambient conditions unlike any other traditional keyers.

In fact, the keying functionality is part of the reason why the technology won an IABM BaM Award®, with a judge quoting: “Great system. The capability to cope with demanding changing lighting conditions and to make virtual advertising seamless is a powerful combination in today’s sporting coverage. Already proven in some top-notch sports events.”

Viz Arena ensures flawless appearance of inserted graphics every time, resulting in the seamless display of both real and virtual logos, cam carpets and banners that are indistinguishable. All of this is made without the need for the operator to manually interact, saving time and money yet amplifying quality of output.

Another advanced capability in Viz Arena is automated Advanced Cut Detection (ACD). ACD is purpose-built to help teams working in fast-paced live sports production by frame-accurately handling virtual graphics during camera transitions, hard or soft cuts and wipes – also without manual intervention. In response to the operator’s work, the process works by activating and disabling virtual graphics on the program feed in real-time in a downstream workflow, so they remain correctly positioned regardless of the perspective.

Used for Virtual Advertising, the commercial value of rights can be amplified by lifting revenue constraints given by physical limitations. Viz Arena enables the extension of advertising and sponsoring portfolios to more assets, increase effectiveness by enabling it to be split amongst multiple sponsors, and multiply the performance of existing inventories with regionalized, targeted brand messages – for every event and any sport, maximizing the ROI with sports rights. With regionalized, targeted brand messages, productions can expand the reach of existing inventories.

The award-winning Viz Arena helps broadcasters achieve the next level of viewer engagement, meeting the demands of advertising clients and sponsors by enhancing its offering with immersive live sports experiences that build viewer loyalty and coverage uptake.

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