Vubiquity: BaM Shortlist – Manage

Vubiquity: BaM Shortlist – Manage

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Vubiquity: BaM Shortlist – Manage

Journal Article by Vubiquity

Tue 20, 12 2022

With growing consumer demand for content across an increasing array of platforms, territories and languages, suppliers are creating and localizing massive amounts of new content and resurfacing existing libraries. This immense content volume requires high-quality metadata for accurate and compelling content description to power search, discovery and recommendation.

Vubiquity’s MetaVU, a cloud-based metadata platform, enables clients to adapt, create and aggregate their metadata using our innovative application. It provides a single point of integration, a significant database of existing metadata, and integration into other leading metadata enrichment sources.

MetaVU is primarily built around two key elements:

  1. Metadata PaaS Management Module
    Leveraging the powerful toolset we have built to solve ingest and normalization of metadata, from the diverse Content Suppliers we support, along with flexible hierarchical metadata management, and an industry-leading metadata distribution engine.

  2. Metadata Enrichment Module
    Enabling access to numerous third-party enrichment sources, inclusive of audience and critics ratings, robust parental guidance ratings and advisories, social data, tags to power recommendations and marketing, originated metadata, access to localized metadata and machine-learning derived tags to power search.

The key differentiator of MetaVU is that it can deliver to many different endpoints, supporting thousands of unique business rules for targeted transformations for clients to ingest. This in turn supports the eyeballs of nearly 1 billion aggregated customers.

MetaVU solves four industry metadata pain points…the NEED to:

  • Increase efficiency

MetaVU improves metadata delivery efficiency by reducing duplication of data entry from different entities, saving time and labor, and creates alternate versions for targeted exports to any destination in any format.

  • Improve User Experience

MetaVU eliminates data gaps through business rules and by reverting to various data sources and using automated field prioritization. MetaVU also originates metadata via the Vubiquity editorial team, or via a vast data enrichment partner network.

  • Ease Marketing Burden

MetaVU provides deeper insights through machine-learning derived tags, which enable markets to perform deeper searches to create more relevant promotions. MetaVU also accesses 3rd-party sources, such as parental control, box office and review data.

  • Enable Seamless Migration

MetaVU enables a hassle-free co-existence with existing toolsets and creates value to have title metadata in the MetaVU ecosystem. It eases metadata management, especially with bulk imports and updates via XLS, and provides access via UI and API.

The possibilities are endless, and this is just the beginning of MetaVU’s capacity to manage, aggregate and enrich metadata.

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