Join our quarterly webinars, focused on the themes set out in IABM's content calendar for 2024, based on the BaM Content Chain®.

These engaging sessions will feature expert names from across the industry, and will prove invaluable to buyers, suppliers and anyone involved in broadcast and MediaTech.

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Empowering Creativity: Orchestrating Content Creation in MediaTech
Date: 12 March 2024


Join us for an exclusive webinar delving into the dynamic fusion of creativity and orchestration in the realm of MediaTech. "Empowering Creativity" will explore the pivotal role of orchestration in content creation, focusing on the art of orchestrating automated workflows to empower and amplify the creative process.

Confirmed speakers include: 

- Teresa Potocka - SenseTheFuture Pictures
- Michael Sternoff - Amazon
- Mark Mallchock - Brella Productions
- Adam Leah - nxt edition

Our speakers will dive into the detailed mechanics of orchestrating resources essential for the creative space. They'll share insights, strategies, and firsthand experiences in leveraging technological orchestration tools to streamline workflows, optimize resource allocation, and enhance the overall creative output.

Throughout this engaging session, participants will discover:

  • How content creators, studio executives, and technologists are leveraging the latest technologies in MediaTech
  • How media businesses can leverage orchestration to automate workflows while preserving the essence of creativity,
  • Real-world examples showcasing the synergy between orchestration and creative freedom in studio production.
  • How new technologies such as AI will impact creativity and orchestration?

Join us as we unravel the nuanced relationship between creativity and orchestration, uncovering the elements that empower modern-day content creators and redefine the boundaries of innovation in MediaTech.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain exclusive insights from industry experts at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of creative orchestration in MediaTech.

Redefining Resilience: Talent Fuelling MediaTech Innovation
Date: 11 June 2024


Embark on a transformative journey as we explore the intersection of resilience, talent, and innovation in the dynamic landscape of MediaTech.

 Join our insightful webinar, "Redefining Resilience” where we delve into the pivotal role of talent in shaping the future of MediaTech.

Our discussions will revolve around how the industry is actively fostering initiatives to attract and retain talent, enhance workplace diversity, and promote inclusivity. We'll explore strategies, skillsets, and workforce dynamics essential for innovation, resilience, and sustainability in the MediaTech sphere.
Join us as we navigate the complexities of disruption and resilience, exploring:

  • Innovations fortifying the MediaTech landscape in the face of disruption and scarcity.
  • Strategies to ensure security, and maintain business continuity.
  • The critical role of talent acquisition, skill diversification, and fostering workplace inclusivity in driving industry evolution.

Engage with industry leaders, experts, and visionaries to uncover insights, share experiences, and chart the path towards a more resilient, diverse, and talent-driven future in MediaTech.

Speakers Confirmed

Chloe Schuil-Brewer, Sky
Erin Bigelow-Umar, Amazon Live

Wim Van Roy - CPTM - MBA, Lawo Academy 

Jiri Gabriel - MISTV

Shaping Tomorrow: Efficiency, Sustainability, and MediaTech Evolution
Date: 03 October 2024


Join us for an enlightening exploration into the realms of Efficiency, Sustainability, and the ever-evolving landscape of MediaTech. Our webinar, "Shaping Tomorrow," uncovers the delicate balance between efficiency-boosting technologies, sustainable practices, and their transformative impact on MediaTech.

We will explore issues such as:

  • The latest advancements revolutionizing the MediaTech content chain.
  • Strategies to enhance speed, optimize supply chains, leverage intelligent systems, and adopt sustainable practices in MediaTech workflows.
  • Initiatives and innovations driving our industry towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Engage with industry experts and sustainability advocates to uncover innovations driving our industry towards a greener, more sustainable future. Together, let's navigate the dynamic realms of efficiency and sustainability, shaping a forward-thinking MediaTech ecosystem.

Democratizing MediaTech: Economics, Access, and Future Pathways

Date: TBC


Step into an illuminating exploration of the transformative landscape of MediaTech. Join our insightful webinar, "Democratizing MediaTech," as we delve into the realms of economics, accessibility, and the potential pathways that shape the future of this dynamic industry.

Uncover strategies driving revenue generation, fostering innovation in business models, and propelling R&D efforts in an ever-evolving landscape.
Explore the impact of democratization, where professional technology becomes more accessible, affordable, and user-friendly to a broader and non-specialized audience:

  • Strategies that democratize access, foster revenue growth, and innovate business models.
  • Insights into the converged entertainment landscape, from direct-to-consumer models to gaming, and its impact on business models.
  • The democratization of technology and its transformative impact on MediaTech suppliers and future revenue streams.

Engage with industry experts, visionary thinkers, and market innovators to gain insights, share perspectives, and map out the trajectory of growth and convergence in the MediaTech ecosystem.


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