The International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry

IABM is the international trade association for Broadcast and Media technology suppliers. IABM facilitates the all-important networking and interaction that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry.

IABM supports member companies with a comprehensive range of services across market intelligence, training, technology, exhibitions and best practices – all designed to help them do better business. We hold the interests of member companies as paramount, and strive to provide strong guidance and support at every level in all geographies.

We understand that in today’s rapidly changing media landscape, our members have never had a greater need for timely, relevant and effective advice and support.

IABM’s mission is to be an ever more powerful beacon that is highly responsive to all our members’ needs in a timely fashion, helping them to prosper and navigate change successfully.

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IABM Community

IABM brings the industry together
The most diverse and forward thinking hive mind in the Broadcast & Media industry

With over 22,000 engaged contacts from over 117 different countries regularly accessing IABM’s extensive knowledge resources, the IABM community helps drive the Broadcast & Media industry forward.

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Reach across the world

Alongside our head office in the UK and our Business Intelligence Unit in Luxembourg, we have regional councils across the globe with the right regional knowledge to help your business succeed. 

Americas' Council
APAC Council
DACH Council
EMEA Council
UK Council

IABM Business Intelligence Unit

21 Rue Glesener, 1631, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg T: +352 27 86 4029

Global IABM membership

IABM Board

Established in 1976, IABM is controlled through an elected Members' Board which comprises elected and appointed Directors. The Board is responsible for the overall operation of IABM and sets, reviews and changes as necessary the policies of the association.


The IABM team is made up of a diverse group of men and women with a huge number of skills, disciplines and interests between them. Being based throughout the world ensures that the IABM team can provide relevant support to our members and the industry as a whole.

Regional Members' Councils

An initiative to ensure that IABM is relevant in all the territories its members trade in with each council consisting of a minimum of eight members and a chair drawn from senior executives.

IABM Community

Let's continue the conversation

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