5G Live: The Future of Live Video Production

5G Live: The Future of Live Video Production

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5G Live: The Future of Live Video Production

Whitepaper from MediaKind

Tue 12, 05 2020

Majority of us relate 5G to better video reception. And, thus overlook the real potential of video production, distribution and live video experience. Low latency, guaranteed bandwidth, location accuracy are some of the other key benefits that comes with 5G.

Parks Associates Data reports that 41% of US broadband households watch broadcast TV, and 72% subscribe to a pay-TV service that offers live, linear channels. And since this percentage is only going to grow, how can content producers leverage 5G to get a bigger market share?

Untethered Live Video Capture:

One of the clear use cases for 5G in live programming is in providing a high-capacity wireless link in areas where wired infrastructure is unavailable. Today, coverage of live events such as cycling, marathons, or golf that occur over large or remote areas is problematic. Camera placement is often determined by the availability of wired connections that provide the reliable connections necessary for broadcast. This limits the number of options available and hinders a producer’s ability to create a high-quality broadcast.

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