Accedo Xtend – NAB 2023 BaM Award winner – Consume

Accedo Xtend – NAB 2023 BaM Award winner – Consume

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Accedo Xtend – NAB 2023 BaM Award winner – Consume

Fri 14, 07 2023

The metaverse has the potential to change how we approach everything, from gaming to fitness, sports, socializing, education, training, shopping, travel and even healthcare. There is a massive appeal with XR experiences, especially for live events and sports. Fans will no longer be simply viewing the concert or game on a screen, but instead will be virtually present at the event, interacting with other fans. At Accedo, we believe video will have a huge role to play in driving adoption and delivering improved experiences to consumers.

XR is making the metaverse more accessible thanks to the growing availability and decreasing cost of XR devices. Accedo’s recent acquisition of eyecandylab will help bring it to the mass market by developing the Accedo Xtend suite, designed for sports organisations and operators, making it compatible with any smartphone in the market.

Building on Accedo’s extensive immersive experience, the Accedo Xtend suite opens up new opportunities for broadcasters to engage consumers with a branded, immersive XR experience without needing to completely redesign their offering. With this solution, Accedo is making XR video experiences accessible, helping content providers to deliver a whole new level of interaction, open up monetization opportunities, and experiment with what appeals most to their audiences. No-one yet knows what will or won’t work in the metaverse. The only way to discover that is through experimentation with existing content and audiences.

The Accedo Xtend suite makes it possible to bring video apps to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices by enabling media organizations to easily create new metaverse experiences by simply embedding existing web-based applications into a metaverse environment.

As a modular solution, rights holders and broadcasters can choose only the add-ons they require, such as multicamera, live stats, or co-watching using extended reality (XR) powered avatars. Offering pay-as-you-grow, allows organizations to get started in the metaverse in an easy and cost-efficient manner with a solution that enables them to test the waters while building an optimal strategy for monetization and end-user engagement.

The solution is customizable, meaning sports organizations and operators can create a unique experience and strengthen their relationship with audiences, partners, and sponsors; something especially valuable in the sports space.

The Xtend suite can be easily integrated with any existing vendors and creates new ways for consumers to engage with brands beyond video, monetizable through creation of sponsored interactive experiences or ad-placements. The multiplatform solution works with most common VR and AR headsets on the market, while ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience. The SDK developed by eyecandylab allows synchronization of TVs with AR glasses or smartphones, creating a layer of seamless interaction between the content and the video fan.

For more information about Accedo Xtend, get in touch and book a demo.

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