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Maria Ingold

Keynote: 2020 and beyond, a roadmap for media business-technology success

Maria Ingold, CEO, Mireality

What does it take to succeed in the broadcast, media and technology business? Leading CEO & CTO Maria Ingold builds on her nearly 30 years of industry experience, including delivering one of the earliest and most successful on-demand movie services, to lay out the critical success factors for modern broadcast and media businesses to thrive.

NOA and Kinzen

Case study: Thinking like a Silicon Valley startup

Gareth Hickey, Co-Founder & CEO, NOA News and Mark Little, Journalist, entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder, Kinzen

Revealing the secret sauce of a new generation of technology business with a fresh approach - combining a consumer-facing technology platform with a compelling content and business model. Hear how startups think and operate differently, and how the secret of success is combining technology, content and a new business model.

Dalet and smoke and mirrors

Case study: Is new tech real, or just smoke and mirrors?

Bea Alonso, Director, Product Marketing, Dalet and Steve Faulmann, Senior Software Developer, Smoke and Mirrors

Build or buy? The dilemma faced by many broadcast and media companies investing in a significant new technology platform. Why not both? That's the conclusion global post-production company Smoke and Mirrors came to, modernising their content supply chain with best-of-breed technology, with a business demanding complex rules for quality control, transcode and delivery.

Hear how Smoke and Mirrors partnered with Dalet to find a balance allowing them to leverage an out-of-the-box, modern, scalable and configurable integration layer, with open APIs, providing them with the tools to develop their own integrations as they built a modern media factory.

Freesat and Comcast

Case study: collaborating to build great media user experiences

Peter Simpson, VP Video Product Management, International, Commscope and Alistair Thom, Managing Director, Freesat

Leading platform operator Freesat unveils its new hybrid TV product, enhancing the viewing experience and bridging the gap between linear TV and on-demand content.

Delivered in close collaboration with its development and manufacturing partner CommScope, the way that customer and supplier are working together in a truly collaborative way to create and market a solution presents a blueprint for future projects.

Entreprenuers panel

Entrepreneurs' panel: Transforming your business to be future-fit

Chair - George Bevir, Editor, IBC 365 and Vinay Solanki, Head of Commercial Growth Fund, Channel 4 - 4 Ventures and Sergio Grce, Founder and CEO, iSize

What does it take to drive change and grow an innovative, entrepreneurial technology company? What can we learn from the startups and tech giants of Silicon Valley - and how can we adapt their growth model to the broadcast and media industry?

Hear from a panel of experienced Broadcast and Media (BaM) and tech entrepreneurs, investors and business mentors as they chart the route to success in 2020 and beyond.

Conde Nast

Fireside chat: Building digital consumer products to maximise consumer engagement

Navin Rizwi, Digital Product Specialist, Condé Nast

As established content companies build a direct-to-consumer digital model, what's the right approach for building compelling digital products and managing the tech and development teams to make it happen?

Emmy award-nominated digital product specialist Navin Rizwi sets out what it means to build digital media products that engage effectively with consumers.

She explains the challenges and opportunities for a digital product manager, and how to build a team combining product engineers, designers, UX experts, and content people.

Make TV and ESL

Case study: Delivering live e-sports to global audiences in the cloud

Andreas Jacobi, CEO and Co-Founder, Make.TV and Steven "Claw" Jalicy, Director of Streaming, ESL Gaming

Esports is the live content phenomenon reaching hundreds of millions of viewers globally and its success means more and more broadcasters want to integrate it into their programming. But the scale and complexity creates huge technical and production challenges, demanding flexible and scalable systems.

Leading eSports business ESL and technology supplier discuss how using the cloud is transforming live esports production and distribution - reaching more audiences with engaging and immersive viewing experiences, and creating new revenues. What are the lessons for traditional broadcasters struggling with audience fragmentation and increased competition from VOD? And what are the implications for workflows and technology providers?

Supply chain panel

Re-imagining the content supply chain

Chair - Stan Moote, CTO, IABM and Jan-Hendrik Hein, Director of Media Operations, A+E Networks UK and Sonny Hanley, Controller of Content Operations, ITV

Building an efficient, automated content supply chain remains top priority for many broadcast and media companies - as they tackle the competing demands of delivering more content to more direct-to-consumer platforms, and the commercial imperative to cut costs.

Leading content supply chain experts from broadcasters and digital media companies discuss how they've innovated their content supply chain, and how they worked with their technology and service providers to do it.

Innovators panel

Innovators' panel: creating new products and business models

Chair - Matt Easton, Managing Director, EMEA, GrayMeta and Tim De Marco, Head of Engineering, IMG and Deborah Coughlin, Founder, Studio X and Daniel Wong-Chi-Man, Global Director, Ad Innovation & Insights, New York Times

What does innovation really mean in the modern broadcast and digital media market? Where are the next direct-to-consumer products and business models coming from? And what are the future technology platforms and products that will enable them? A panel of innovators in media products, revenue, content, business models and technology explain how they make innovation happen.

Lorenzo Zanni IABM

IABM Business Intelligence: How the digital media market's technology needs are changing fast

Lorenzo Zanni, Head of Insight & Analysis, IABM

IABM's Business Intelligence Unit presents the inside track on trends in the broadcast and media industry, and the impact on the types of technology project that are winning investment.

CTO Panel

CTOs' Panel: Our 2020 vision and beyond

Chair - Rob Ambrose, Managing Consultant, High Green Media and Andy Beale, Chief Engineer, BT Sport, Morwen Williams, Head of UK Operations, BBC News and Nick Hawoth, Head of Group Technology Product Management, ITV and
Michael Harrit, Lead Architect, BBC

Leading broadcast and media CTOs and technology leaders share their priorities and vision for the coming year and into the next decade. They outline project plans, where they'll be investing, what they need from technology and service providers, and reveal their own initiatives for change and transformation.

Ampere analysis

Ten things you never knew about consumers and media

Minal Modha, Consumer Research Lead, Ampere Analysis

A consumer-first approach is essential to compete in the digital media market. But what do content-users really want?

Dive into the latest consumer research data to learn ten surprising trends that are the secret sauce of a successful media and technology platform.

Insync and Reuters

Case study: Transforming news workflow in the cloud at Reuters

Paola Hobson, Managing Director, InSync Technology and Jeff Smith, Development Manager, Reuters

Explore the business and technology challenges of working with suppliers including InSync technology to develop a cutting-edge cloud solution using containerised libraries and microservices to create rich and complex workflows, which are adaptable and efficient.

Riikka Koponen

IABM Business Intelligence: Pressure points for broadcast and media technology providers

Riikka Koponen, Principal Analyst, IABM

Using IABM's Business Intelligence to underpin business strategy, highlighting the critical success factors for running a successful broadcast and media technology business in 2020 and beyond.

Tech Leaders Panel

Tech leaders' panel: Adapting to new business models and market realities

Chair - Lisa Collins, Head of Marketing, IABM and Matt Hughes, SVP Global Sales, V-Nova and Thomas Gunkel, Global Market Director Broadcast, Skyline Communications and Scott Puopolo, CEO, Telestream and Mark Christie, CTO, Piksel

Explore how leading media technology companies are adapting to a market in a constant state of change. C-level leaders from some of the industry's best-known tech companies reveal how they are responding, and how they will be ensuring success.


Closing keynote: Innovate, collaborate and change to drive success

Darcy Antonellis, CEO, Vubiquity

Combining the worlds of content and tech with an innovative business model is at the heart of a future-ready strategy for the broadcast and media industry. With experience as CTO of Warner Brothers and executive at CBS, Darcy Antonellis brings experience of content, technology and business to her role as CEO of Vubiquity, part of Amdocs Media.

She provides essential advice for navigating the years ahead: how our industry must change, innovate and adapt to ensure business success. She explores what it takes to succeed in the future digital media market and meet the changing needs of consumers.