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Under the banner Change. Innovate. Adapt., this year’s conference embraces the new reality of an industry at the tipping point of its transformation to an on-demand, IP-delivered, cloud-enabled future, and will explore how all media business and technology leaders can transform, compete and avoid being left behind.

Delegates will be treated to fresh perspectives and first-hand insights in the inspired content sessions - packed with industry power players and experts. There will also be boundless opportunities to make new connections, as well as collaborating with and learning from peers facing similar challenges.

The focus is on innovation across the BaM Content Chain®: creating new content and business models: connecting broadcast and media businesses with start-ups; entrepreneurs; cutting edge innovation; and the cloud giants who are dominating the tech landscape. The conference sessions are organized under the three themes as follows:

There were a lot more of our end customers here, really senior people and a lot of opportunities to talk to them afterwards. I would have had to take hundreds of thousands of business miles to see all the people I have been able to see over the last few days

It's a really good barometer for the industry, the attendees are across a broad spectrum of vendors and producers of content within the industry. It gives us a good opportunity to take stock of what the industry is up to, are we in the right place, are we going in the right direction and invariably start the next year with vigour.

This is an excellent event, I picked up some fundamental ideas and views on the industry, especially about customers that will now stick in my mind.

Speakers included:


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