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Real-time production video servers

Video server systems for real-time recording and playback in production environments.


New IP Extention adapters HDCE-TX50/RX50

Aperi SDMP-4S Microserver

Modular 4 SFP Slot FPGA-based microserver designed to run specialized apps at very low latency.

XS-Neo: Software-based studio server for flexible ingest

XS-NEO is a flexible software-based studio server delivering the expected reliability of EVS servers


Fresco-Atom is a flexible embedded OS multiviewer system which supports up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs


Next-generation live production server

LiveU’s LU800 production-level field unit for live news and sports coverag...

Combines multi-camera production with mission-critical transmission in a native 5G field unit.


MIMiC is an on-demand, production-as-a-service offering that includes remote IP-video contribution.

Arrow III

SSD/HDD based Replay server with 10GbE connectivity and 3 built-in DMR™ Racks for 3.5″ hard drives


Control and management platform for low-cost creation, management and monitoring of live IP video

Simple R IIM

Powerful 1U slow motion Replay server with advanced recording and networking capabilities

Simple R III

Powerful 1U slow motion Replay and Production server with support of 2 independent 442 workplaces

TICO-XS IP cores

TICO-XS is a lightweight image compression, standardized as JPEG XS