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BaM™ Product Highlight: Adobe Content Aware Fill for Video

Mon 18, 11 2019

Adobe After Effects Content-Aware Fill for Video 

Adobe’s Content-Aware Fill for video in After Effects is an industry first feature that’s an innovative game-changer in the post-production industry. 2019 is the year of AI in video, and Content-Aware Fill for video is leading the charge with the power of Adobe Sensei, which leverages intelligent algorithms to remove unwanted objects from video. From removing cars, power lines and people from shots, to erasing signs of production equipment such as boom microphones or special effects wires, Content-Aware Fill for video aims to make it easier for video professionals, regardless of budget, to save time on tedious manual work. Whether you’re an editor or visual effects artist, tighter timelines and an increase in workload are driving the need for quick-turn post-production processes and Content-Aware Fill streamlines this process.



Powered by Adobe Sensei, Content-Aware Fill for video uses an intricate new algorithm to estimate the motion and depth of masked objects throughout a video clip. Marrying dense motion tracking with pixel replacement, the algorithm finds areas of adjacent images and backgrounds and reveals those pixels throughout the clip and subsequently removes the object by replacing them with pixels that did not have the object in the first place. It not only benefits traditional filmmakers, but is useful to everyone from a professional VFX artist to a wedding videographer who would like to convincingly erase any object from an image. For videos where the region behind the object is never seen, the system employs Content-Aware Fill to guess what is missing.

According to a research report for Business Insider investigating how VR, AR and 360-degree video are shaping the future of content creation “the global VR market is forecast to grow at a nearly 81% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2016 to 2024.” This means that with the advent of increased VR and immersive work the demand for expertly erasing unwanted objects will rise, making the implications of this technology is huge. This toolset is indispensable for immersive VR projects, as there’s nowhere “off-camera” to hide crew, tripods or lights. It not only saves editors copious amounts of time but also democratizes post-production tools in developing industries to provide a level playing field for creators of all stages to be digital storytellers.

This product is an industry-first, innovative game-changer in the post-production industry. It can save editors and visual effects artists many hours of tedious manual work. It uses intelligent algorithms to automatically remove unwanted objects like boom mics or distracting signs from video. It aims to make it easier for video professionals, regardless of budget, to save time on tedious manual work.

John Doe

After being honored with the IABM BaM Award at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this year, receiving the Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award would reaffirm that Adobe’s Content-Aware Fill for video in After Effects is a leading post-production tool for editors and is transforming the industry by leveraging innovative technology. Content-Aware Fill for video significantly reduces time spent on a task that is necessary for almost every professional in the post-production industry and allows editors to invest a greater amount of time in polishing their work to a higher standard and becoming masters of their craft.

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