Breaking away from outdated, hardware-centric industry models, the BaM Awards® categories are based on IABM’s new industry model, the BaM Content Chain®: from Creator to Consumer. The BaM™ Content Chain describes the industry in the same way that broadcast and media companies themselves think, using the same terminology.

Encouraging innovation for more than 25 years

The BaM Awards® are...


Run by the industry’s only international trade association


Judged by 40+ non-affiliated, subject experts


Open to everyone exhibiting at NAB Show Las Vegas


Recognize innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits


Built on the new BaM Content Chain® industry model


Worldwide recognition

2019 BaM Awards® at NAB Show Winners

Embrionix – emVIRTU All-IP Core Infrastructure and Processing Platform

“This product lets broadcasters produce high-resolution UHD content efficiently and without constraints. It provides IP media processing power for mission-critical and All-IP UHD production environments. The flexible hi density platform allows a mix of processors to help deal with the complexity of converting multiple UHD signals in various formats. Flexibility at work. It will be very helpful in migrating a facility to an all IP infrastructure.”

Broadpeak - nanoCDN™ with ultra low latency and device synchronization

“Broadpeak’s nanoCDN solution improves live streaming experiences thanks to decreasing the latency. Latency measured in a perfect condition network of a lab, will be the same as a real-life system. It won’t depend on the network condition at a given time. IPTV moving to a full ABR system is a true breakthrough for operators.”

Teradek - Bolt 4K

“Unlocking a 4K HDR camera from a cable while still being able to reliably watch full quality output in real-time opens up enormous creative possibilities – and new levels of creative freedom. A real game-changer for 4K HDR production.”

GB Labs - Mosaic Automatic Asset Organiser

"A combination of AI and intelligent storage – an automatic media asset organiser saving time and money. An industry-first combination of AI and intelligent storage. Presenting assets in a way that the user decides is important.”

Qligent - Vision-Analytics

“Vision-Analytics is a powerful, cloud-based analytics solution that is uniquely designed to gather valuable data across three key domains—Creation, Delivery, and Consumption—and analyze these massive datasets in near real-time. Other solutions typically only take one or two of these domains into consideration.”

Adobe – Content aware fill for video

"This product is an industry-first, innovative game-changer in the post-production industry. It can save editors and visual effects artists many hours of tedious manual work. It uses intelligent algorithms to automatically remove unwanted objects like boom mics or distracting signs from video. It aims to make it easier for video professionals, regardless of budget, to save time on tedious manual work.”

Project, collaboration or event
MediaKind, Deutsche Telekom (DT), Tiledmedia and Magnum Film - Enabling a world-first: 6K tiled 360-degree live sports streaming success

"This unique collaboration to deliver a live sports event in a 6K tiled 360° video format to real-world consumers has proven that by working as a team, many different providers can overcome the obstacles of complex VR production and deliver a higher resolution VR which is one of the issues that has held back the immersive experience previously.”

Telestream - OptiQ

“Great product that enables much more dynamic and easy to create opportunistic OTT channels based on events or late breaking news. Good approach to innovating more and more of the broadcast supply chain into the virtual world!”

OWC - ThunderBlade™

“A product offering very high speed data transfers which is already proven in use. A valuable tool for creatives to capture large files efficiently.”

Skyline Communications - DataMiner Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Management and ST2110 Media Flow Tracking

“Secures the vital PTP aspects of IP infrastructures. With the integration of PTP and flow management in the DataMiner off-the-shelf platform, media operators have the right solution to successfully make the transition to all-IP and are able to adopt to future workflows that are still unknown.”

2019 BaM Awards® at NAB Show Shortlist

Alteros - GTX Series L.A.W.N. Direct-to-Fiber venue-wide wireless mic system
DVEO - Windows® Application for Reliable Live Video Transfers over Public Internet -- PC DOZER™: APP
Cerberus - Livelink Platform

The Switch & Vista Studios - User Experience
Verimatrix - nTitleMe
Broadpeak - nanoCDN™ with ultra low latency and device synchronization

LEDGO - Dyno 600C RGB LED Panel Light
Ross Video
Teradek - Bolt 4K
Opus Digitas - User-Generated Video (UGV) management platform

Yella Umbrella - Stellar - Timed Text - In a Browser
GB Labs - Mosaic Automatic Asset Organiser

Paywizard - Singula™
Amagi - THUNDERSTORM DAI-as-a-Managed Service platform
Qligent - Vision-Analytics

Marquis Broadcast - Postflux for Premiere Pro
Lawo - A__UHD Core
Grass Valley

Project, collaboration or event
Zhejiang Radio and Television Group - 32 Cameras 4K IP Flagship OBVAN
MediaKind - Enabling a world-first: 6K tiled 360-degree live sports streaming success
GrayMeta - Videofashion - Monetising archives with GrayMeta
The Switch & Vista Studios - User Experience

Red Bee Media - World's First Software-Only Playout Deployment
Telestream - OptiQ
Broadpeak - CDN Diversity™ technology with Priority feature
AWS - Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE)

R&S - SpycerNode
GB Labs - InFlight Data Acceleration (IDA)
OWC - ThunderBlade™

Skyline Communications - DataMiner Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Management and ST2110 Media Flow Tracking
Microsoft - Avere vFXT for Azure
Touchstream - Incident Playback

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How much does it cost to enter?

IABM Platinum and Gold members are entitled to two complimentary BaM Awards® entries each year; Start-Up, Silver and Silver 100+ members one complimentary entry per year.

For any additional entries, IABM members will pay £125/€145/$160 (plus VAT where applicable) per product.

Non IABM Member entry is charged at £185/€215/$240 (plus VAT where applicable) per product.

Click here to download the terms & conditions document.

Who can enter?

Submissions for the BaM Awards® are open to every company (whether an IABM member or not) that has launched a new product or service within 12 months of NAB Show Las Vegas; the nominated product must be available to view during the show.

What makes the IABM awards different?

The IABM BaM Awards® recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The BaMs® are the only truly independent technology awards in the industry, and are widely recognized as the gold standard for rewarding broadcast and media innovation.

How many categories can you enter?

You must chose a main category from the list above at the start of your entry. You can then select one additional category to enter.

How are the awards judged?

Judging is carried out by a panel of 40 independent, expert judges who represent every element of the broadcast & media eco system.

My entry is confidential, is that a problem?

No, if you don't want the product name to be announced then simply tick the "this product is embargoed" box during submission and we will only announce the company name if you are shortlisted (the winning product/service will be announced at the awards presentation). However, only the name and one line descriptions of shortlisted entries are published prior to the opening of NAB Show in our BaM Awards shortlist press release – usually around two weeks in advance. You will naturally gain better publicity for your new product if you allow us to publish these basic details in advance.

How can you maximize your chances of winning?

The entry form has been designed with our judges in mind, we have worked with them to ensure that the descriptions and details of your product are as easy as possible for them to judge. We would advise against using 'marketing speak' in your entry and avoid replicating a press release. Focus on the key USP's and put yourself in the shoes of the judges, what will they want to know to make a decision?

Click here to view an entry guideline document.

When will the awards be announced?

The shortlist will be announced approx 2 weeks prior to the show.

The winners will be announced at the IABM 2019 BaM Awards® Party on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 (6pm – 8pm) at The Westgate. 

View the 2018 BaM Award® Winners