BaM™ Product Highlight: R&S 5G Broadcast solution

BaM™ Product Highlight: R&S 5G Broadcast solution


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BaM™ Product Highlight: R&S 5G Broadcast solution

Mon 18, 11 2019

Rohde & Schwarz - R&S BSCC 5G Broadcast service and control center

At IBC this year, Rohde & Schwarz reached a strategic and technological milepost since it introduced the world’s first comprehensive 5G Broadcast solution. At IBC 2019, Rohde & Schwarz was presented with IABM’s BaM Award for this revolutionary new 5G Broadcast solution. Reaction to this new system solution has been incredibly positive and the IABM BaM Award has contributed to this success since it provides global recognition for this innovative technology solution.

To fully understand the significance of this development, you need to know about the product and its development. The Rohde & Schwarz solution for the first complete 5G Broadcast transmission consists of the core network functionality provided by the new R&S BSCC broadcast service and control center and R&S Tx9 transmitters, which support FeMBMS. This all-in-one solution covers all 5G Broadcast chain stakeholders from the content provider to the consumer and is fully compliant with 3GPP Release 14. R&S BSCC empowers broadcasters to efficiently distribute high-quality video to the 5G ecosystem.

In recent years, media consumption has shifted significantly toward smartphones and other portable devices. Reaching the billions of smartphones around the world will be the future of broadcasting. 3GPP Release 14 is enabling this future by using FeMBMS (Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service). As a part of the Bavarian research project 5G TODAY, Rohde & Schwarz has investigated large-scale TV broadcasts in the FeMBMS mode. Using high-power high-tower (HPHT) transmitters allows broadcasters to distribute video over 5G networks in downlink-only mode with all the advantages of classic broadcasting. This provides high quality levels, similar to HDTV broadcasts in terms of low-latency live content as well as enormous spectrum efficiency and wide coverage. Importantly, there is no need for a SIM card in the mobile device.

With this future-looking solution, Rohde & Schwarz is signalling the future of the over-the-air TV business. It's now very easy to see a future where 5G broadcast co-exists with OTT to deliver a seamless blend of live and on-demand content direct to consumers. An Innovative end to end solution for 5G content delivery, the development of which is ahead of its competitors.

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To help harness all these benefits, Rohde & Schwarz is the first technology vendor worldwide to offer a complete 5G Broadcast solution for network operators. R&S Tx9 transmitters provide FeMBMS based content on a unique software-based signal processing platform. The software-based signal processing platform gives network operators great flexibility and prepares them for future signal processing requirements.

At IBC, Rohde & Schwarz launched its new 5G Broadcast core network element: the R&S BSCC broadcast service and control center, which enables Rohde & Schwarz terrestrial transmitters to deliver LTE/5G Broadcast content. The main benefit of the R&S BSCC is that it reduces 3GPP core network entities’ complexity to meet broadcasters’ needs for a straightforward LTE/5G Broadcast experience. The overall Rohde & Schwarz solution makes it very easy to configure network parameters. Multiple Rohde & Schwarz FeMBMS transmission sites can be centrally configured in the R&S BSCC core network element.

Since IBC, Rohde & Schwarz has been actively engaged with customers worldwide. Some have instigated 5G Broadcast trials, which the company is actively engaged with. Others are looking a Proof of Concepts, attempting to understand the benefits that 5G Broadcast brings to them and their customers.

The IABM BaM Award supports this investment, providing a valuable endorsement from a global leader in technology development and knowledge sharing.

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