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The AirShip will achieve weight/volume ratios of better than 20kg/m3.

The product is extremely flexible and can be built according to customers’ needs and applications. It has an outer rugged textile container with a honeycomb polypropylene inner construction and a laminated structure providing rigidity and strength to safeguard the contents.

The inner foam case and HPP construction can be hollowed out to meet respective needs and the outer rugged textile container can be equipped with a multitude of different finishes: wheels, shoulder straps, hinged lids etc.

Where weight is the enemy AirShip is the perfect ally allowing single man use and compliance to IATA standards as and when required. The scale of use had no bounds, from a simple carry case design to a range of fully blown complex lightweight cases.

AirShip was conceived from a client application for an extremely lightweight solution that could accommodate heavy equipment but not impact the integrity of the protective capabilities.

A range of standard sizes are available but AirShip’s capacity to meet customer’s requirements puts it a class above the rest.

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