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Cavena Subtitling

Subtitling/closed captioning insertion

Adding subtitles to your content – either translating the language of the audio or providing assistance for hard of hearing viewers – is often an important requirement, and these subtitles need to be displayed at the same high quality as your content. Edgeware can now make subtitling easy with our Cavena solutions.

There are many complexities when delivering high quality subtitles to multiple device types and screen sizes. Subtitling is usually two rows of text with a timecode that determines when to display and when to remove the text. But there is an array of different formats and character sets that need to be supported.

Edgeware offers the Cavena-based technology for the highest quality subtitling. Integrated with Edgeware’s Packager and Protection product, the combined solution delivers high quality subtitling across any screen format, to any client and in any character set.

Cavena’s technology delivers high quality subtitles for TV, using Optical Character Recognition to convert subtitles from image to text formats, which provide a much higher quality experience for OTT viewers. The system can also transcode subtitle formats with one subtitle format in, transcoded within milliseconds, and another format sent out.

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