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FanBox™ merges real time video communication with the reach of Social Media networks that will enhance your OTT platform and content by offering subscribers a deeper, more engaging and interactive viewing experience.

FanBox™ allows subscribers to create their own personal VIP seating at their favourite sports event or to participate in a seminar, or business meeting from the comfort of their own home or office.

Subscribers to a FanBox™ enhanced OTT service can invite their family, friends, colleagues or fellow sports fans to experience the content together – wherever they are.

Because FanBox™ creates such engagement and interactivity you’ll retain a satisfied, loyal and attentive subscriber base – one that you can up-sell to and one that your advertisers and sponsors can be sure will respond to their brand messages.

Sports viewers are passionate, tribal and eager to share their views with fellow fans. FANBOX allows sports fans to come together using real time video communications when watching a live event. FANBOX also allows sports fans to access Social Media while still watching on the screen so they can chat, share content, comment and engage with their favourite sports team and fellow fans.


FANBOX is an overlay for existing Sports OTT services

Viewers to a Sports OTT service can invite up to 8 fellow fans to watch an event together

Fans can also access your or their preferred Social Media networks to engage with you or fellow fans globally

FANBOX combines the power of live video with the global reach of Social Media around your Sports OTT service


FANBOX can create new revenue streams for your Sports OTT service via PPV or monthly subscriptions

Create more satisfied and loyal subscribers to your service

Offer a more attentive target audience and compelling Advertising proposition to your Advertisers and Sponsors

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