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MediaKind Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP)

Digital video recorders


For cable companies, multiple service operators (MSOs), telcos and content providers who need a cost efficient, reliable solution for massively scalable video storage and recording that exceeds stringent performance requirements, the MediaKind Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) is the only field proven, large scale software-based solution that provides resiliency, very high throughput, and virtually hands-off maintenance. This platform is highly optimized to minimize hardware footprint and provide the best possible TCO.

Supported use cases

Cloud DVR

Cloud based DVR applications enable service providers to offer a DVR service without the need todeploy or upgrade to expensive DVR boxes at the subscriber site. By locating the storage and streaming at the network operation center and running an RS-DVR client software at the subscriber site, operators can offer a full DVR service without the need of hardware upgrades at the subscriber.

Dynamic origin server

The origin server is a scale out media storage system that can also perform content transformation, and streaming. The origin ingests MPEG-TS CBR and ABR, and transforms them on-the-fly to RTSP and different OTT formats, thus eliminating the need to store multiple formats.

VSPP tiered architecture

Supports different tiers to address specific streaming patterns as well as content popularity.

Edge pumps

With an ongoing transformation to the full-blown Media Edge for the legacy and OTT delivery.

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