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Broadcast and media trends in 2020 – and how can IABM members help?

A conversation with Carlos Miranda Matzumoto, Chief Technology Officer, DISH Mexico

Wed 04, 03 2020

We spoke to IABM Global Engaged Partner, Carlos Miranda Matzumoto, Chief Technology Officer, DISH Mexico, about the business and technology trends he foresees for 2020 and beyond, and how IABM members can help him stay ahead. In a market where not everyone can take a fast internet connection for granted (or even just a connection in many cases), the gallop towards OTT we are seeing in other territories has scarcely entered walking pace yet. In this scenario, Carlos sees the role of Pay-TV players remaining dominant – but only if they embrace the new digital age by transforming from aggregators to integrators. He has valuable insights for how technology vendors can support DISH in this, and how he wants to partner in the coming years. Here’s what he has to say:

Setting the scene

Before moving into the questions, I would like to define a reference because it is important to have a common understanding: is direct to consumer a long-term trend? Is the business model for these “direct to consumer” services mature? Is there any specific role for the Pay-TV operator in this new model?

There are many other important questions to consider, but for the sake of simplicity and the scope of the questions, I will focus only on the three topics mentioned above:

Is direct to consumer a long-term trend? Understanding “direct to consumer” as a network delivering its content B2C is not new. Many years ago, a regular consumer (not necessarily subscriber) with enough tech knowledge and cash was able to install a C band dish at home, connect a couple of devices to it (receiver and decoder with tracking capabilities for different satellites) and enjoy “direct to consumer” programming from different networks; however, Pay-TV had to evolve to a much more complex ecosystem to deliver a sound business for all the parties (content creators, content distributors, service providers, system integrators, among others) and...

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