Caringo at the IABM BaM Live Event

Caringo at the IABM BaM Live Event


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Caringo at the IABM BaM Live Event

By Sarah Cook, Director of Marketing, Caringo

Wed 02, 12 2020

Caringo joins IABM’s BaM Live virtual event to discuss Swarm object storage’s data management capabilities for optimizing workflows

With Thanksgiving today in the States, it is a good time to reflect on the things we are grateful for. At Caringo, that includes our longtime and new customers, the wonderful partners we work with, and the professional organizations that keep us all connected to our communities. In the Media & Entertainment (M&E) Community, that includes Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), Sports Video Group (SVG), Society of Media Professionals, Technologists and Engineers (SMPTE) and The International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry (IABM).

What is the IABM and BaM Live?

With over 600 international companies, the IABM has created a hive-mind network of over 9,000 engaged contacts from 60+ countries, all focused on driving the Broadcast and Media industry forward. Their BaM (Broadcast and Media) Shop Window is an online resource for finding products and services, and their upcoming BaM Live virtual event is designed to arm all sides of the industry with the facts and insights they will need to be successful in 2021. The event starts on Tuesday, December 1, and in the interest of #NoDigitalFatigue, programming will be for 3 hours on each of the 3 days with the themes of Creator Day, Architect Day and Executive Day. Better yet, you can register now and attend the event for free!

Where Will I Find Caringo at BaM Live?

We selected the Creator Day at BaM Live because Caringo Swarm’s intelligent data management capabilities enable our object storage platform to optimize workflows that are critical to creating, producing and delivering content. Our short “fireside chat” is titled Cloud, Cold & Close: Unifying Storage Silos for Creative Workflows.

In 2020, there was a mass exodus from office and studio space and working remotely became the new normal for many organizations. Some of these organizations increased their storage footprint in the public cloud and ended up with a new type of storage silo—where they have content stored both on-prem (SAN, NAS, tape, etc.) and in cloud storage. To be successful in 2021 and beyond, those same organizations will need to address unifying disparate storage mediums/locations and how to store and manage all of those assets throughout their lifecycle.

With multi-protocol access, built-in security, metadata search capabilities and features like Partial File Restore, Caringo Swarm is ideal for media, entertainment and broadcasting organizations that need to unify disparate storage mediums/locations and to manage digital assets.

Who Will be Speaking in the Fireside Chat Featuring Caringo and NEP?

Hosted by the IABC organization, Ben Canter, Caringo VP of Global Sales, and our esteemed partner Liz Davis, VP Media Workflow Group at Diversified, will be discussing how object storage and intelligent data management can be used to optimize digital video workflows and to manage long-term archival, content centralization and management.

Ben has spent 20 years in the IT industry with 8 of them focused on software-defined storage solutions. Liz has a background in film and TV distribution, on-set production, and digital media development with some of the largest sports and media brands, and has worked with many companies to navigate emerging technologies and grow their business with a forward-leaning video strategy.

If you want to hear more from Ben and Liz, check out our Brews & Bytes webinar hosted by Adrian J Herrera, Caringo VP Marketing, on Using an Active Archive for Creating Content during Covid.

How Can I Learn More About Caringo Products?

We have product information as well as many blogs, webinars and papers available on, or, you can email us at with questions or to request a custom demonstration to help you determine if Caringo Storage can help you.

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