Designing Data-Driven Media Supply Chains
Wednesday 22 September 2021 (8am BST - 8pm BST)

BaM LIVE!™ is your digital networking, engagement and learning experience. Designed for everyone in Broadcast & Media, BaM LIVE!™ enables you to interact and build business relationships with fellow participants and learn about the latest key trends and hot topics in the industry from a global range of diverse, expert speakers.

This 1 day BaM Live!™ event will be hosted on the IABM BaMZone™ and focus on designing data-driven media supply chains. This includes AI and ML technology to create, manage and deliver content, the increasing reliance on data to power media’s digital transformation as well as evidence-driven supply chain management enabling informed decision-making at media organizations with informative and engaging sessions.


All times listed are BST

08.00 - 08.30

Ben Cheung

How to speed up global transfer for film productions?

We will share our insights on how Raysync helps our clients in render farm and post-production industries to achieve efficient and secure transfer and help clients speed up the data transfers up to 100 folds.

08.00 - 08.30

Ben Vanderberghe

What is 'agile' and what does it mean in the Broadcast & Media Industry

As we are hurtling into a new data-driven world, it is important to understand how this has an impact on your business. Agility is one of the keys to success. But what is this really about? What is the essence of it? What are the common pitfalls, and how can you successfully become agile. In this session, Ben Vandenberghe, CEO of Skyline Communications, shares his thoughts on the subject.

08.30 - 08.50
Networking Break
What is 'agile' and what does it mean in the Broadcast & Media Industry

08.50 - 09.10

Tony Jones
Principal Technologist

Smart Compression with Artificial Intelligence

This session will uncover the benefits of using AI-based compression technology and the impact this leading innovation will have on the broadcast industry. Attendees will discover more about the latest algorithm developed by MediaKind’s innovation team that ensures processing is used optimally and density is improved with AI-based compression.

09.10 - 09.30

How the Associated Press applied AI to deliver Automatic Descriptions of live and non-live Content

The Associated Press processes roughly 20.000 hours of original footage on a yearly basis, which consists of live and non-live content. To reduce the time to edit, to ensure such content is available across the organisation and to its customers in the shortest possible timeframe, the Associated Press was looking for a solution that processes audio and video, and that makes such automatically generated shot lists available to its editors and its customers. Limecraft delivered a pipeline using Vidrovr for scene description, facial recognition and gesture detection, as well as using Trint for audio transcription, together delivering a single coherent and frame-accurate description of each individual shot. Moreover, Limecraft cracked the challenge to execute such processing on live streams, several at the time. Doing so, the Associated Press emancipates several 100's of hours of manual labour and significantly reduces the turn around times.

Maarten Verwaest

Sandy MacIntyre
VP News

09.30 - 09.50
Networking Break
Your AI/ML questions answered

09.30 - 09.40

Amy Delouise

Interview with Amy Delouise

Amy discusses the new trends for content creation, including snackables and using AI to repurpose content for different outlets.

09.50 - 10.10

How to improve TV catch up services quality with new revenue stream added with the help of Machine Learning algorithms

Levira has catch up TV services timing & ad replacement service available based on Machine Learning algorithms. We take the stream and analyze it with machine learning algorithms to create a unique fingerprints for the events and advertisements. When comparing detected events against electronic program guide, it is possible to precisely identify advertisement breaks between and in the middle of the TV shows. New data gained makes it possible to enhance user experience of the catch up services and it also creates the opportunity for providing new commercial services and increasing revenue streams.

Kalle Aleksius
Media Services Manager

Agnis Jakuboviks
Board Member

Silver Soomre
Head of TV Services

10.10 - 10.20

Auto-indexing archive media via multimodal AI and scalable processing in the cloud

AI driven auto-indexing organises and merchandises media assets into collections, or smart folders. These get automatically updated when new media matches predefined criteria, thus future-proofing the news service’s archive collections model with a semantic and structured dataset. Hear from Asharq News how AI is helping them maximise efficiency across its media archive.

Kathey Battrick
Senior Manager – Library & Media Management

Philippe Petitpont

Rachel Cooper
Marcom Manager

10.20 - 10.40
Networking Break
Your cybersecurity questions answered

10.20 - 10.30

The Future of Media Valorization is AI-Live!

Join Newsbridge Regional Sales Manager (UK & Nordics) James Fraser as he gives a tour of the Newsbridge AI-powered Media Hub from an editorial workflow perspective. With a focus on live and archived content valorization, find out how users are attaining new revenue streams, saving time with automatic indexing, collaborating remotely with teams and publishing quicker via next-gen technology.

James Fraser
Regional Sales Manager (UK & Nordics)

10.40 - 11.00

AMC Networks Interview - The Art of Eliminating Linear and Digital Silos

In all industries, siloed operations that need to use the similar data-sets and content are horribly inefficient due to duplication of efforts and not having common goals. Joshua will explain how AMC Networks blended operations with a goal of being scalable to meet future requirments.

Stan Moote

Joshua Berger
SVP, AMC Networks Media Operations

10.50 - 11.20

Live frame rate conversion in the cloud, on a pay-per-use basis

In a typical sports production environment, international content is delivered to a local studio, where graphics, commentary and captions are added. The program then continues its journey into the playout network, and will be delivered to playout centres and CDNs. A finished program may be delivered to a single end point, or multiple destinations, where different formats and frame rates may be needed so the benefits of a cloud-based live frame rate converter on a pay per use basis becomes clear!

Paola Hobson
Managing Director

Marina Kalkanis

11.00 - 11.20

A world of data at our fingertips - how producers are using cloud-based tools to captivate the audience with a wealth of content

In a world of multi-platform content, consumers are treated to a plethora of “broadcast quality” programming - a term that’s becoming redundant, as an ever-changing audience consumes an offering delivered on digital and broadcast channels. Content creators are required to produce the best programming, of the highest quality to drive viewership and retain an audience.

This competition has raised the bar, and with innovations in cloud-based tools, sports, entertainment and news channels are delivering interactive, visually stunning results, with audience engagement, real-time reaction and dynamic graphics at the centre of the programme.

This session will look at how the world of content and data available to producers can be used to captivate and entertain the audience. 

Lisa Collins
Head of Membership Engagement

Gareth Capon

Karl Kathuria
Customer Solutions Director

Daniel Rumens
Digital Content Manager

11.20 - 11.40
Networking Break
Your content and data questions answered

11.40 - 12.00

The age of interactivity in live sports – it’s time to get analytical

Creating practical fan engagement tools can come in two ways. The first involves marrying data together with the experience itself within the front-end. However, this approach often requires input from several parties and involves heavy integration – which poses several challenges.

Broadcasters can also work in the back-end to manipulate and prepare video streams while ensuring data feeds work in the interactive environment. This is where MediaKind has been working closely with sports federations and leagues to deliver a better content pipeline, combining video and data to unlock a whole new world of commercialisation.

11.40 - 12.00

What’s Happening with UHD?

Image quality is increasingly important to audiences as we are seeing fast migration to HD and the recent introduction of Ultra HD (UHD). The Ultra HD Forum counts 260 UltraHD Channels broadcasted worldwide, 60 of which are broadcasted via Satellite. Cristiano reveals what the real story is behind satellite delivery of SD, HD and UHD.

Stan Moote

Cristiano Benzi
Global SVP for Professional Video

12.00 - 12.10

Digital transformation and the importance of metadata

The whole process of digital transformation has seen increasing importance of metadata, data and information issues, and the advent of new tools to help manage it. Sally works on the intersection of content management and knowledge management and discusses how library systems aren’t DAM and how the whole process of digital transformation has seen increasing importance of metadata, data and information issues, and the advent of new tools to help manage it.

Stan Moote

Sally Hubbard

12.00 - 12.20

Darby Marriott
Product Manager - Graphics, Editing and Newsroom solutions

Merciful Metadata to the Rescue!

When faced with complex workflow challenges in both file and live environments, properly managed metadata is a lifesaver. Explore standardized metadata for multi-vendor interoperations as well as more customized applications that will have your back. We’ll cover practical use cases for Adobe XMP metadata, SCTE triggers, and automated AI-driven metadata extraction and generation. Stay calm, help is on the way!

12.20 - 12.40
Networking Break

12.40 - 13.00

How can use of the cloud help media companies orchestrate content and workflows more efficiently?

Cloud playout is not a new idea; it’s been discussed in our industry for at least a decade, including early attempts at creating and supplying solutions. But it’s only more recently that it has become a reality and it’s certainly an important part of the future. Dynamic use of the cloud isn’t only about cloud playout but also about wider use across the media supply chain, including Infrastructure as Code.

Globecast has been involved in multiple cloud projects, not least with the launch of Virgin Media’s UK’s first dedicated 4K Ultra HD entertainment channel Virgin TV Ultra HD and a recent partnership with a major US customer and its complete migration to cloud playout.

What’s the reality for customers? What are the challenges and what are the key benefits across our industry? 

Ian Redgewell
Head of Media Management and Global Products

Joss Armitage
PR Strategist

13.00 - 13.30

Media supply chain agility requires an open partner ecosystem

  1. A modern digital media factory requires both functional modularity and volume scalability. That means e2e media supply chains need the agility to match each individual media project's requirements (e.g. A government announcement does not require the same media supply chain as a tennis live game)
  2. Best of breed media supply chains require pre-integrated partners
  3. Cloud-born vendors have open API and easy integration in their blood
  4. This session will go through different media projects scenarios, each involving different workflows and potentially each needed by a single broadcaster

Matt Loreille

Mike Ward
Head of Marketing

Andrew Patterson
SVP Partnerships & Strategy

Pierre Mestrez
VP Pre-Sales & Channel Partners

13.30 - 13.50
Networking Break
Open Partner eco-system - workable or dream?

13.30 - 14.00

What does the Future of Marketing Look Like Now?

During this lively interactive debate we will be joined by marketeers from member companies where we will take a look at:

  • Whether we’ll return to the “old way” of marketing
  • Where the focus will be on budget expenditure
  • Predictions for new marketing trends and initiatives
  • How to plan for 2022… or whether planning is even possible

Lisa Collins
Head of Membership Engagement

Adrian Lambert

Joshua Shulman
Digital Marketing Manager

Murray Barker
Head of Portfolio Marketing

14.00 - 14.50

What the customer thinks!

A series of Broadcasters from around the world share their views on what's good and what's not right now whilst half in and half out of a global pandemic! Find out about latest projects, get updates on technology roadmaps and the challenges for 2022!

Lisa Collins
Head of Membership Engagement

Aditi Pandey
Head of strategic vendor and partnerships management

Geir Bordalen
Head of technology portfolio

Peter Zanchetta

Annika Bidner
Product Owner - SVT Play

SVT Play

Carlos Octavio
Head of Architecture & Analytics

TV Globo logo

Adde Granberg

SVT Play

Jorge de la Nuez
Head of Technology

Israel Esteban Marti

14.50 - 15.10

Julian Fernandez Campon

The future of workflows: from orchestration to choreography

Workflow orchestration that integrates systems within the media supply chain efficiently is challenging. But emerging Cloud services, the drive toward hybrid environments, and agility to meet business needs is moving workflows from Orchestration to Choreography. A Media Integration Platform helps integrate systems and applications quickly and efficiently, unleashing creativity; deploying new tools, workflows, services; reducing time to market and costs.

15.10 - 15.30

Nexstar leverages Latakoo to automate content delivery to hundreds of content management systems

Together the two companies have worked at the forefront of broadcast and media technology leading the way toward countless firsts and innovations...come hear about them!

Jade Kurian
President and Co-founder

Paul Adrian
CEO and Co-founder

Andy Miller
Director of Local Content Midwest

15.30 - 15.50
Networking Break
Your orchestration/automations questions answered

15.50 - 16.00

How Knowledge Graphs will Decrease Failure & Downtime on Every Production in the Next 5 Years.

Traditional relational databases (like SQL) are inefficient at making critical inferences about the interdependencies between data and equipment that is used on production sets and in the control room. The evolution of graph databases provides significant advantages in making real-time analysis of equipment data to uncover potential failure risks, define compatibility opportunities and develop semantic knowledge graphs.

In this discussion we will cover:

  • Graph database uses in other industries that are applicable to broadcast
  • How a knowledge graph can be deployed with distributed input from platform users
  • Problems solved and efficiencies gained with graph databases

Stan Moote

Axel Reichwein

16.10 - 16.40

Create more video content faster from anywhere

Arsenal F.C. is one of the biggest names in world football. Boasting 13 league titles and 13 FA Cups during its illustrious history, this iconic club has over 70 million followers on social media globally.

See how they use cloud-native services to rapidly access, edit, enrich and publish engaging content to fans fast and efficiently.

Oliver Parker

Aliki Rodgers
Senior Production Engineer

Arsenal FC

16.40 - 16.55
Networking Break
Your questions about cloud-native services answered

16.50 - 17.10

Connecting with global audiences - how Meta and WarnerMedia reinvented the localisation process

Developed through an extensive collaboration with WarnerMedia, the Meta Localisation Platform centralises subtitling, dubbing, translation, graphics and artwork localisation requirements for WarnerMedia's catalogue of 250,000+ titles. The platform also plays a key part in the technical and editorial compliance processes. This is a best in class content distribution innovation that streamlines the WarnerMedia supply chain - all through a beautifully designed, intuitive, and easy to use platform. Rob Tucker (Meta CPO) and James Crossland (Head of Global Content Operations at WarnerMedia) discuss the imperatives that drove this development, the process of creation, and the success it has generated.

Darren Whitehead
Director of Business Development

Rob Tucker

Meta Logo

James Crossland
Head of Global Content Operations

17.10 - 17.30

The M&E Connection – Research Preview

This session features a preview of the bespoke research on the main drivers of change in M&E commissioned by Oracle to IABM. This session includes a short overview of the main findings emerging from this research as well as an interview with Oracle focused on the main trends in M&E.

Lorenzo Zanni
Head of Knowledge

Olivier Jorda
Global Senior Director in Media & Entertainment

17.30 - 17.50
Networking Break
During the pandemic, what technologies worked and will continue to be used, and what was strictly a Stop-Gap and should be left behind?

17.50 - 18.10

Overcoming the challenges of rapid business growth

OTT and Connected TV has seen unprecedented growth since the global pandemic began in early 2020. As the owner of FX Digital - a CTV-first business - Matt Duhig took his company from 18 team members to 55 in just 18 months. In this session Matt shares the honest truth behind this growth, the challenges and how to handle them, from recruitment, to team structure, processes and business management. Join him to discover how to overcome the trials and tribulations of rapid growth.

Lisa Collins
Head of Membership Engagement

Matt Duhig
Co-Founder and Managing Director

18.10 - 18.40

Trends in M&A and investment in the global Broadcast & Media Business

Hear all about the latest investment trends from serial investors in the Broadcast & Media business. Take part in the argument that hardware companies are no longer attractive to investors! See what interests Private Equity and companies that specialise in lending money to companies in the Media sector.

Peter White

Llewellyn John

Neil MacTaggart
Finance Director

Will Haynes
Portfolio Manager

Martin Green
Executive Director

18.40 - 19.00
Networking Break
Your investment questions answered

19.10 - 19.50

The Financial Impact of Storage

Debunking storage myths, learning about the "real costs" and discussing what is 'fit for purpose' for a modern media organizations. This session covers asset-based workflows, hybrid workflows and the thorny issues of cost v performance as well as security.

Stan Moote

Thomas Burns

Margaret Craig

Matt Herson
Specialist Solutions Architect

AWS logo

Brad Winett

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