Upcoming BaM Live!™
Evolving Media Economics

2 December 2021
Delivered as a hybrid event live from Amsterdam and online

Our current plan, subject to COVID restrictions, is to deliver the event on 2nd December in Amsterdam the day prior to IBC opening. We will have both a virtual and in-person audience (numbers depending on room options and COVID restrictions), In-person and virtual speakers and our hybrid offering delivered via the BaM Zone™.

We will focus on evolving future media economics – This includes technologies for building OTT platforms and apps as well as enabling better monetization of digital consumers. It also includes an analysis of media technology sourcing models such as as-a-service offerings, cloud economic models, technology development, technology financing and outsourcing.


Vision for Future Tech Business Models: Cloud Economic Models in Media
9:00am - 10:00am CET

The pandemic has produced a significant increase in cloud investment by media companies, who are moving to cloud-based models to reinvent themselves and power their digital transformation. Despite all the buzz about cloud, cloud economic models are tough, presenting media businesses with difficult financial and operational trade-offs. At the same time, the supply-side of the industry is figuring out the financials of cloud-based service models, including cashflow and pricing models. This session aims to provide insights into unresolved dilemmas of cloud economics.

Digital Economics: From Ad Tech to Churn Management
10:00am - 11:00am CET

IABM research shows areas such as consumer-facing platforms and monetization are becoming the primary focus of media investment as the industry moves to direct-to-consumer offerings. This includes technology solutions that rely on data to serve specific business needs, from measuring customer engagement, to predicting consumer churn and optimizing advertising sales. This session aims to provide insights into the tech powering streaming business models.

Hybrid Futures: Blending Physical and Digital Business Models
11:30am - 12:30pm CET

While digital media thrived, several media business models hinging on physical experiences took a major hit due to pandemic-induced restrictions. Some providers of physical experiences ranging from employers to trade show organizers relied on experimentation to circumvent the challenges posed by the restrictions. The pandemic may have sanctioned a more acute blend of physical and digital experiences as a result, which will permeate different sectors within the media ecosystem. This session aims to provide insights into what that might look like.

Build or Buy: Drivers for Outsourcing & Insourcing in Media
12:30pm - 2:30pm CET

IABM research shows that in-house technology development investment at media businesses is growing to customize platforms, integrate tools and control roadmaps. At the same time, rising complexity, uncertainty and risk are driving them to outsource parts of their operations, whether indirectly through increased spending on cloud services or directly through partnering with outsourcing providers. This session aims to provide insights into why and how outsourcing and insourcing decisions are made at media companies.

Super Aggregation: Managing Complex Media & Tech Ecosystems
2:30pm - 3:30pm CET

Both the media and technology ecosystems look increasingly complex for media businesses and consumers alike. The ecosystems are built on developing “frenemy” relationships with competitors on common, aggregation platforms, that aim to provide add-on services such as personalization and subscription management, for example. For consumers, the aggregation platforms are provided by former Pay-TV businesses and large technology giants. For media businesses, cloud service providers are becoming the backbone and interface through which they can access niche technology tools to power their media factories. This session aims to provide insights into the future of these ecosystems and how to manage the ambiguous relationships within them for business success.

Vision for Future Media Business Models: Blockchain, Commerce & Content Marketplaces
4:00pm - 5:00pm CET

The pandemic has polarized, producing distortions in supply and demand dynamics in different industries, and in different sectors within the media industry. It has also produced some very specific trends reported by IABM research, including the increasing demand for interactivity driven by social isolation. Media companies such as sports broadcasters were forced to abruptly tweak their business models to cope with the distortions in their traditional funding sources and to take advantage of the opportunities provided by rapidly shifting consumer viewing habits. The result of this has been a massive increase in innovation building on new interactive and e-commerce functionalities to diversify revenue streams and to lay the groundwork for future media business models. This session aims to provide insights into what these might look like.

Networking Drinks
5:00 - 6:00pm CET

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