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Early Adopted Technology Sessions

This session looks at technologies that are already in early use but are yet at the beginning of their journey. Where will they take us next?

At the front end of the BaM Content Chain® the battle to create and produce compelling content is of crucial importance, driven by constant viewer churn. Reducing costs is also a driver. Technology is all about innovation which generates more creativity - especially when powered by tools for better collaboration. The move towards remote production, and collaboratively produced shows in multiple locations using talent and resources scattered around the globe, require new workflows and toolsets. Those early adopted during the pandemic have only given us a glimpse into the future possibilities of newer technologies – this session looks to the next stage.

Telos Infinity and Progressive American Flat Track Races to a Strong Finish
Progressive American Flat Track saves money and time by streamlining live event comms using Telos Infinity IP Intercom Platform

Martin Dyster
VP of Business Development

Zach Prescott
Production Manager

Virtual Production and the Future of Broadcast
As film and television projects continue to integrate virtual production into their creative process to unlock new worlds and visuals, broadcast has begun to take note and adopt this new technology in their workflows as well. Join ErinRose Widner from Verizon and Addy Ghani from Disguise as they discuss how broadcast is leveraging virtual production in their workflows and how 5G/MEC is becoming a game changer in this production evolution.

ErinRose Widner
Global Business Development, M&E and Technology and Studio Innovation

Addy Ghani
VP, Virtual Production

Bringing the Power of Video Entertainment to Creators and Fans, Globally and Into The Metaverse
IN.LIVE is the industry's leading Web2+Web3 ticketing and video distribution solution featuring advanced access control (including NFT ticket gating), HD streaming, and NFT + metaverse integrations. The IN.LIVE platform enables creators to market, distribute and monetize their content directly to their fans and partners, while maintaining control of their art, brand, and user data. The rising momentum of crypto and NFTs has opened new doors to creators of all types to raise funds, build communities, and design immersive Metaverse experiences. Whether you are an A-list celebrity, content production house, or independent filmmaker or musician, IN.LIVE delivers the power of today's latest technologies to help creators control their artistic destiny. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and IN.LIVE executives will be on hand to discuss how the IN.LIVE platform seamlessly integrates live content segments (such as live performances, live intros, Q&As, and more) with any kind of formally created media. OCI is the trusted partner for IN.LIVE’s most demanding workloads, delivering infrastructure on demand and at scale with predictable performance. Oracle’s Gen2 cloud with flexible compute shapes, high performance storage and dedicated network bandwidth combine to deliver optimized custom configurations at the best price for IN.LIVE.

Calvin Lui
Co-Founder & CEO

Dave Swanson
Senior Director, Oracle Cloud

Distributed architecture enables new workflows and beneficial changes to operations - a case study from EMG and Riedel
Workflows in Broadcast & Media are changing faster than ever, but if you get the solution right, the cost and time savings are immense. In this session, find out how a software defined, distributed architecture solution allows for faster setup, easier connections, greater redundancy and the ability to reroute for emergencies. Andrew Wisniewski, CEO of EMG USA, (a state of the art, major remote production company with a strong focus on live outside broadcasts) reveals how investment in a software defined, distributed architecture solution based on Riedel’s forward-thinking network designed MediorNet for high density video, audio and data routing, has offered customers the flexibility and stability to do more than they could have previously imagined!

Rick Seegull
VP System Consulting

Andrew Wisniewski

Four CEO's and four industry opinions on the future of Broadcast & Media
IABM's CEO Peter White will bring to the table industry questions covering sustainability, diversification, work from home, along with how is AI/ML changing their products, services and business operations. Let’s see how four CEO’s each covering distinctive aspects of the industry will forecast the future of the industry.

Peter White

Serge Van Herck

Philippe Bernard

Andrew Cross

Technology & Trends Roadmap 1
A cool feature of the IABM Technology and Trends Roadmap is that at a high level it gives us a visual overview of the anomalies and irregularities within our industry that directly affect growth and profitability. Our panel will examine these conflicts and how they affect business and risk. Part 1 will take on the three areas of: Distributed Infrastructure (Home Studios, Backhaul, Workstations, Cloud Production Switching), Compute and Storage (GPU, CPU, FPGAs, NVME, PCIe, SSD), along with Security.

Stan Moote

Thomas Gunkel
Director, Broadcast Services

Thomas Burns
CTO, Media & Entertainment

Tony Jones
Principal Technologist

The controversial sunset of ATSC1
With this North America focus on Nextgen TV, Stan Moote with cover various topics with the experts on Nextgen TV, including the recent ATSC3.0 markets to go on-air, set deployment, where does UHD 4K fit in, the practicalities of Non-Real Time data (NRT data), and the sunset of ATSC 1.0.

Stan Moote

Del Parks
President of Technology

Madeleine Noland

Navigate to the Live & REplay tab to watch the REplay sessions. Note you may need to register for an account to gain access.

Bleeding Edge Technology Sessions

This session dives deep into the bleeding technologies that will define our industry’s future.

As the move towards working from anywhere – at any time - grows, distributed infrastructure is a must. This in part means moving into cloud and hybrid environments. Initial lift-and-shift approach wasn’t really bleeding-edge as there was little change in workflows with only a slight (if any) increase media production throughput and value. The approach now is moving towards stronger metadata, cloud-native applications, new workflow concepts and robust, diverse and secure IT infrastructures.

AI/ML/Analytics is intensifying the practical use of metadata, reducing storage costs by using deduplication, using AI for content repurposing, and new targeted advertising approaches taking advantage of the universe of available devices and displays. Blockchain is definitely on the bleeding edge side too, with new notions for finding deep-fakes and using NFTs to enhance viewer interactivity. All are up for discussion in this session.

Fireside chat with Ed Abis of Dizplai
In this session IABM’s Head of Knowledge, Lorenzo Zanni, chats to Dizplai’s Managing Director, Ed Abis, to discuss how global content creators are adopting tried-and-tested engagement strategies and using tools to create interactive viewing experiences.

Lorenzo Zanni
Head of Knowledge

Ed Abis
Managing Director

Embracing new technology so workflows, content & creativity flourish
In this session, we discuss how WNYC and Broadcast Bionics together delivered continuity of both content and creativity during the challenges of the pandemic and how workflows pioneered, lessons learned and technologies tested under lockdown will inform the creative and technical design of future production facilities.

Steve Shultis

Dan McQuillin

Market-first: Embedding video origin timestamps in ultra-low latency live streams using KLV
Videon’s video Edge computing platform leveraged KLV metadata to deliver ultra-low latency live video streams enhanced with accurate video origin timestamps for the first time.

KLV, a SMPTE data encoding standard also used by the military to embed data in video feeds, combines metadata with geospatial visualization, offering unparalleled insight. For the first time in the live video market, Stats Perform, a leading provider of sports intelligence data, can leverage the power of KLV metadata. Embedded in live video streams, KLV-enabled Network Time Protocol (NTP) clock time creates new opportunities for the broadcasting and sports betting industries.

The integration of KLV data means that critical metadata like origin time, GPS location of players in the stadium, the speed of ball, etc., become available to analyze, enabling Stats Perform to dramatically improve the volume and accuracy of its sports data analytics. This brings an unparalleled level of insight to sports wagering and new revenue streams to the company.

Todd Erdley
President and Founder

Ed Silvester
VP, Video Architect

How VR Experience Platform, Thrive360, Is Using Data to Change the Landscape of Mental Health
Streaming platform for mental and emotional healthcare, Thrive360, explains how science-driven, medically-proven immersive VR and data enhances well-being and improves diagnostic efficacy. DevOps team, StratusGrid, provides insight into the technical approach. Thrive360 details statistical success and discusses with IABM member, Vimond, why managing metadata within an OTT CMS enables repeatable outcomes and informs evolving content strategy.

Joe Woskow
CEO & Founder

Megan Wagoner
Senior Vice President

Chris Hurst

Head to head with Michelle Munson, CEO at
In this session Lorenzo Zanni, IABM's Head of Knowledge, will interview Michelle Munson, CEO at to discover her views on the rate of adoption of blockchain-based technologies in the media and entertainment industry; whether NFT's have a place in the media business and the monetization opportunities provided by these new technologies. Among other things...

Lorenzo Zanni
Head of Knowledge

Michelle Munson

The state of Content Protection Technology
In this session, we will explore the results of a research study on content protection technologies conducted by IABM in partnership with Axinom. The session will feature an analysis of content protection trends, including content protection investment drivers and pain points. The data-driven analysis will be followed by a fireside chat and a Q&A with the audience. This session aims to provide business insights into content protection technology trends.

Lorenzo Zanni
Head of Knowledge

Viktor Balujev
Solution Architect

Technology & Trends Roadmap 2
Continuing on with a high level view of the IABM Technology and Trends Roadmap, in Part 2, the anomalies and irregularities within our industry that will be examined are: Cloud, Collaboration and AI/ML-Analytics.

Stan Moote

Chuck Meyer

Steve Ehrlich
Global Media Partnership & Business Development Executive

Luann Linnebur
SMPTE Fellow


Pete Emminger
Global Chief Technology Officer

The best products/services of 2021 that won a BaM Award
In this session, Lorenzo Zanni, IABM's Head of Knowledge, talks to several BaM Award winners about their Award Winning product/service and how it is being developed further in 2022.

Lorenzo Zanni
Head of Knowledge

Michelle Munson

Jan Mokallai
Solution Manager

Abhishek Bishayee
India Operating Leader

Martin Dyster
VP of Business Development

More upcoming BaM Live!™ Events

We are delighted to bring these events to our audience in a hybrid format: face-to-face as well as via live streaming on the BaM Zone™. Where speakers are not able to attend in person, we will be streaming them in live to join the conversation.


1 December 2022

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