BaM Live!™

Evolving Media Economics

This December, IABM is delivering a special edition of BaM Live!™ to provide delegates with a comprehensive business and technology briefing against which to benchmark their business and technology roadmaps.

BaM Live!™ will be a virtual event, featuring panels of expert speakers, interacting with their audience using IABM’s BaM Zone™ digital-first industry platform. It is a complimentary event for the entire industry.

BaM Live!™ December includes six content tracks which together cover the key drivers in the Broadcast, Media and Entertainment industry’s evolving media economics. All content tracks are underpinned by IABM’s world-class research, keeping discussions in line with the issues that are at the heart of our industry’s future success. All six tracks feature a mix of panels, case studies and presentations by experts from media companies, analysts and tech suppliers.

Vision for Future Tech Business Models: Cloud Economic Models in Media
9:00am - 10:00am CET

This track will provide insights into unresolved dilemmas of cloud economics.
Despite all the buzz about cloud, cloud economic models are tough, presenting media businesses with difficult financial and operational trade-offs. At the same time, the supply-side of the industry is working its way through the financials of cloud-based service models, including cashflow and pricing.

09:00 - Welcome & Intro to Future Tech Business Models
In this first session, we will welcome our audience, provide an outline for the contents of the day, and present some key research snippets focusing on tech business models.

09:10 - Cloud Economic Values
In this session, we will interview Robert Amlung, ZDF's Head of Digital, on the current and future economic value of cloud technology.

09:30 - SaaS economics 
In this session, a panel of technology suppliers will discuss the business and economic implications of the move to SaaS models in media tech.

Digital Economics: From Ad Tech to Churn Management
10:00am - 11:00am CET

This track explores the tech powering streaming business models.
IABM research shows that consumer-facing platforms and monetization are becoming the primary focus of media investment. This includes technology solutions that rely on data to serve specific business needs, from measuring customer engagement, to predicting consumer churn and optimizing advertising sales.

10:00 - Intro to Digital Economics
In this session, we will present some key research snippets focusing on digital economics.

10:15 - ​Brightcove & Watching That - Make the most of your video data in 2022
Collecting, reviewing and acting on the accurate data directly impacts advertising revenues and subscriber retention. In 2022 the data ecosystem will change. The need for richer meta-data, the looming loss of third party tracking and the drive for optimised operations mean that publishers and broadcasters will have data challenges and opportunities. This session will discuss how upcoming data topics, like real-time data and 1st party data, can build business benefits.

10:30 - ​State of Streaming 2022 – AV1, Low Latency, & the Rise of Commercial Solutions
Bitmovin's 5th Annual Video Developer report is right around the corner! Join the Bitmovin team as they review the top-level results of the report and define what some of the most important video tech trends of 2021/22 are for OTT services around the world. The adoption of AV1 & HEVC codecs is on the rise, as well the demand for Live Low Latency Solutions and Commercial video streaming solutions.

10:45 - Challenges and opportunities of data-driven workflows in media
This session will discuss how video service providers can ensure they are maximizing the value of their data and putting the right strategies in place across the entire business to improve the customer experience. 

Hybrid Futures: Blending Physical and Digital Business Models
11:30am - 12:30pm CET

This track examines what the increasingly blended physical and digital future might look like.
While digital media thrived, several media business models hinging on physical experiences took a major hit due to pandemic-induced restrictions. Providers of physical/live experiences relied on experimentation to circumvent the challenges posed by the restrictions, creating a new blend of physical and digital experiences that are here to stay.

11:30 - ​Intro to Hybrid Futures

11:35 - Hybrid tech futures: a strategic view
In this session, Gordon Castle will discuss the challenges of hybrid tech strategy.

11:50 - Native-Cloud: The Endgame for Remote & Hybrid Workflows
Today’s demands have put strains on the legacy video workflows due to the need to support a higher volume of production and post-production resources, for both technology and talent. Current times have amplified the demand for direct-to-consumer content, as well as placing additional strain on those same resources to support remote access.

12:05 - How can media companies blend linear and streaming TV to move to hybrid TV offerings
Media businesses have been doubling down on hybrid TV, blending their linear and digital offerings to provide consumers a unique proposition. Hybrid TV holds the promise of leveraging the synergies between linear and digital customer experiences, content libraries and business models. This session aims to analyze the current and future potential of hybrid TV through a panel discussion with major media business working on this concept.

Lunch Break
12:30pm - 13:30pm CET

Build or Buy: Drivers for Outsourcing & Insourcing in Media
13:30pm - 2:30pm CET

This track delves into why and how outsourcing and insourcing decisions are made at media companies.
IABM research reveals that in-house technology investment at media businesses is growing: to customize platforms, integrate tools, and drive efficiency. At the same time, rising complexity and a focus on core competencies are driving them to outsource parts of their operations, whether indirectly through increased spending on cloud services or directly with outsourcing partners.

13:30 - Intro to Build or Buy
An interactive intro to the build or buy track, including research snippets and talking heads.

13:35 - Need for balance - how to match your TV channel business model with the playout technologies. Taking back control

At the end of 2021, and in the foreseeable future, both national and international TV broadcasters face the challenges how to find the balance between fast-changing external market forces, the business model chosen, and the technologies implemented to gain market success. This session aims to explain how Levira Playout Platform as a Service (PpaaS) model can help broadcasters to find the healthy balance between the functionalities, flexibleness and sustainability in future-proof manner

13:55 - Build or buy drivers at NRK

In this session, we will hear from NRK about the decision-making framework they use to approach build or buy decisions.

14:15 - Buy or Build Considerations: Why new global OTT service Cinnessance chose to buy from 24i
The complexity of international OTT expansion is a significant element of the perennial ‘build or buy’ dilemma faced by new streaming services. The choice of OTT technologies increasingly hinges on questions of simplicity and flexibility.

This session looks at the build vs. buy decision made by Cinessance, a new global streaming service dedicated to French cinema. We’ll hear from the CEOs of Cinessance and its end-to-end OTT technology partner, 24i, on the key drivers in buy vs build decision making. This will include factors such as speed to market, CAPEX considerations and the need to scale the audience served while retaining flexibility to expand functionality and adjust business models.

Super Aggregation: Managing Complex Media & Tech Ecosystems
2:30pm - 3:30pm CET

This track looks into the future of media and tech ecosystems and how to manage the changing relationships required for business success.
Media and technology ecosystems are increasingly built on developing “frenemy” relationships with competitors on common, aggregation platforms that aim to provide add-on services such as personalization and subscription management. For consumers, the aggregation platforms are commonly provided by Pay-TV businesses and technology giants. For media businesses, cloud service providers are becoming the backbone and interface through which they can access niche technology tools to power their media factories.

14:30 - Intro to Super Aggregation
An interactive intro to the super aggregation track, including research snippets and talking heads.

14:35 - Fireside chat with super-aggregator Roku

In this session, we will discuss the major trends in super-aggregation with Roku.

14:50 - Building a Super-aggregator TV As a Service offering: challenges, solutions and opportunities

Netgem, leading TV as a Service provider and Utelly, Content Discovery SaaS provider, will detail how the 2 companies leveraged aggregation services, AI-powered metadata enrichments and universal search & recommendation APIs to build and scale NetgemTV, the award-winning TV Service.

15:05 - Technology Enabling Super Aggregation 
In this session, a panel of technology suppliers, including from Symphony MediaAI and Wildmoka, will discuss how new technologies are enabling super aggregation.

Vision for Future Media Business Models: Blockchain, Commerce & Content Marketplaces
4:00pm - 5:00pm CET

The pandemic has caused distortions in supply and demand dynamics alongside changing consumer demands; this track examines how the industry is rising to the challenge.
The pandemic produced some very specific trends reported by IABM research, including the increasing demand for interactivity driven by social isolation. Media companies such as sports broadcasters were forced to abruptly tweak their business models to cope with the disruptions to their traditional funding and react to the demand for interactivity. As a result we have witnessed a myriad of innovations that have added new, interactive and e-commerce functionalities to diversify revenue streams.

16:00 - Intro to Vision for Business Models
An interactive intro to the vision for future media business models track, including research snippets and talking heads.

16:05 - Using Social Media Engagement for Revenue Generation
During the 2021 Tour de France, FloSports used Grabyo’s live clipping and publishing tools to deliver real-time video highlights across all of its social media platforms. Seeing a 588% increase in video views and a 465% increase in the number of engagements, hear more about the tactics and results of the campaign.

16:20 - The Potential of Blockchain-based Business Models
In this session, we will interview Shane Warden, ATP Media's CTO, on his vision for the potential of blockchain-based business models.

16:40 - Blockchain Adoption in Media & Entertainment in 2021 from Live Events to NFT Drops and More
Over the past year, Eluvio powered broadcast TV’s first major NFT initiative for the hit singing competition, THE MASKED SINGER, with Fox Entertainment and Blockchain Creative Labs; concerts for the Black Eyed Peas, Rita Ora, the 6D musical celebration starring Tate McRae and Allen Stone and NFT drop for the global launch of Windows 11; next-gen media distribution efforts form MGM Studios and more. Emmy award winning technologist, Michelle Munson of Eluvio, will discuss new technological innovations that help tackle some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing content owners and artists. She will all discuss real-world examples of how the Eluvio Content Fabric is used to provide live and file-based content publishing, transcoding, packaging, sequencing, dynamic and static distribution, and minting of derivative NFTs–all backed by blockchain contracts providing proof of ownership and access control.

Peter White

Lorenzo Zanni
Head of Knowledge

Riikka Koponen

​Riikka Koponen
Principal Analyst

​Olga Nevinchana
Senior Analyst

Robert Amlung
Head of Digital Strategy

Peter Wharton
Director, Corporate Strategy

Remi Beaudouin
Chief Strategy Officer

Stuart Boorn
Senior Product Leader

Gordon Castle
SVP Special Projects, Global Technology & Operations

Hugo Neves
Director Of Communications

Miguel Oliveira

Toby Russell

Carlos Octavio
Head of Architecture & Analytics

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Aditi Pandey
Head of Vendor Management and Partnerships

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Head of Technology Portfolio

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CPO - Head of Product delivery - UK & Ireland

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Mark Moeder

Chris Wood

Matthew Duhig
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Clare Butler
Global Head of Marketing

Sarah Hoffman
Director, Digital Marketing

​Shane Warden

Michelle Munson
CEO & Co-Founder

​Mark Walker
Head of Product

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