Designing Virtual Media Supply Chains
Wednesday 23 & Thursday 24 June 2021

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Live streamed and curated content will feature in depth panel discussions, case studies and interviews focusing on:

  • The virtualization of media operations through cloud operating platforms
  • The advancement of new technologies for content transport
  • The distribution of resources and infrastructures across different locations.

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What does being a BaM LIVE!™ participant unlock?

What does being a BaM LIVE!™ participant unlock?

You're in control
We’ve often spoken about how the viewer is in control with media consumption, well with BaM LIVE!™, so are you! We want you to be able to dip in and out of the event as and when you want to all from the comfort of your desk, sofa or even garden (our platform works great on mobile devices). Being part of the BaM LIVE!™ Community enables you to chose whether to watch live stream sessions, curated content, check out a partner showcase area, browse the BaM Product LaunchPad or arrange a 1-1 video meeting with a colleague or new business partner.

Access to experts

By being a digital event, BaM Live enables us to include speakers from all around the world so you can hear from a diverse range of international speakers.

Inclusivity and better connections

By using a digital platform open 24/7 before, during and after the event, your BaM LIVE!™ experience extends beyond the event dates. Through our feature rich platform, you can connect with fellow attendees from all over the world that you might not have met in a more traditional event.

Make valuable connections

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Engage and be inspired

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NEW for 2021 - BaM LIVE!™ REplay
We have tried to provide content that enables all timezones to enjoy elements of BaM LIVE but don’t worry if you cant make a session you like the look of, our team will turn around all live streamed content within 1 hour of it being on the main stage! Got called out to a meeting? We’ve got you covered with REplay, Had to go take a delivery? We’ve got you covered with REplay, Want to recommend a session to a colleague? That’s right, we’ve got you covered with REpLay!



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Day 1 - Wednesday 23 June

  • Designing Virtual Media Supply Chains
  • marketing
  • media tech intelligence
  • breakout sessions

9am - 10am BST / 10am - 11am CEST / 4pm - 5pm SGT

Fireside chat: How BT Media and Broadcast and Digital 3&4 are modernising the UK’s Freeview network
The Freeview network is relied on by tens of millions in the UK, its importance being emphasised over the past 15 months. Transforming and expanding the network is fraught with complexities and leaves no room for mistakes, yet, BT Media & Broadcast (BT M&B) and Digital 3 & 4 (D3&4) will be embarking on that journey. They will be delivering a modernised software-led infrastructure and in addition, baseband encoding, will support the UK broadcast industry for decades to come.

In this fireside chat guest chair John Ellerton, Head of Futures at BT M&B will talk with Greg Bensberg, Managing Director at Digital 3 &4 and Ankur Dalal, Head of Global Technical Specialists at BT Media & Broadcast, about how they’re combining innovation, collaboration and a wealth of experience to overhaul the Freeview network. Turning it into a dynamic, all-IP, high bandwidth, software-defined platform, providing greater control, via encoding and multiplexing at a national scale, enhanced ability to support more channels and at a higher quality, richer reporting, deeper diagnostics, as well as regional scalability.

John Ellerton - CHAIR
Head of Media Futures

Ankur Dalal
Head of Global Technical Specialists

Greg Bensberg
Managing Director

Customer Case Study - Live remote production ‘Anywhere, Anyway, Any size’
When change is not an option anymore but is an absolute necessity for survival, identifying suitable strategic partners becomes a key element to successful transformation. EMG looked to SDNsquare to coordinate their IP system through deployment of the GRID Network Controller; a Software Defined Network controller which guides the path for all data-streams and creates predictable, low latency flow.

John Ellerton - CHAIR
Head of Media Futures

Henry Alexander

Bevan Gibson

Delivering high-voltage racing to a global viewership – Extreme E and Red Bee
Extreme E is the all-electric racing series that takes place in the most extreme environments of our planet, aiming to bring attention to the dire effects of climate change. Extreme E has partnered with Red Bee to deliver its races to a global viewership via satellite distribution for linear broadcasters, and digital distribution through OTT. Join this session to find out how Extreme E and Red Bee are working together to make sure millions of viewers can enjoy some of the most captivating racing action on the planet.

John Ellerton - CHAIR
Head of Media Futures

Steve Russell
Chief Product Officer

Dave Adey
Head of Broadcast & Technology

10am - 11am BST / 11am - 12pm CEST / 5pm - 6pm SGT

A broadcaster’s guide to designing video over an IP network
Although the internet is perceived as an invisible cloud that delivers information from A to B, in reality the carriage is complex. When designing the delivery of video over IP networks, it’s important to understand the internet’s topology and where pitfalls, like congestion and latency, are probable. Delivering contribution circuits is challenging and demands expert knowledge and access to the multitier network that makes the internet. Highly experienced telecommunication companies, like Telstra, specializing in internet connectivity to deliver a reliable, scalable and flexible network that can transfer data and feeds from one side of the planet to the other. Join Bernhard Pusch, Head of Global Internet Strategy at Telstra Corporation, as he expands on technologies used for carrying video on the internet and visibility into what are the key criteria that the broadcasters look at in terms of whether video transport is successful.

Bernhard Pusch
Head of Global Internet Strategy

6am - 7am PT / 2pm - 3pm BST / 3pm - 4pm CEST / 9pm - 10pm SGT

Panel Discussion - How does 5G fit into Production?
Two industry experts from Zixi and Telstra will discuss and debate the merits of using 5G technology during events.

Stan Moote - CHAIR

Patricia Doherty
Project Director - Live + Wild

Eric Bolton
VP of Business Development

Richard Buchanan
Global Media & Entertainment Principle

Michael Day
Product Management Lead for Professional Media

Live event streaming in the 21st Century – past, present and future
Three leading experts discuss how far traditional technology has been leveraged for live event production and why it is no longer sufficient. They discuss new use cases and why Edge computing is key to take live event production forward so that it is ‘fit for purpose’ in an always-on world. Find out what is ‘real-time’? Why HLS and DASH is simply not enough and why large live events aren’t on Zoom!

Stan Moote - CHAIR

Bill Wishon
Chief Product Officer

Darren Lepke
Head of Video Product Management

Case Study - Is there no limit? KAIROS enables unrestricted scalability of live IP production
Resolution and format independent, KAIROS IT/IP video processing platform offers an open software architecture system for live video production. Learn how KAIROS enables Creative Technology to manage the transition from baseband SDI to IP routing when it comes to video production in broadcast, corporate, entertainment, and sport industries.

Thomas Gunkel - CHAIR
Market Director Broadcast

Guilhem Krier
Head of New Business & Market Development

Sidney Lobb
Head of Vision and Integrated Networks

7am - 8am PT / 10am - 11am ET / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST / 9pm - 10pm SGT

Remote Production: how our 5 year plan lasted 5 minutes
In this session we’ll be joined by Dominik Wrona, Senior Live Media Portfolio Manager, BT Media and Broadcast and Eamonn Curtin, Deputy CEO Telegenic, EMG UK. They will delve into the details about how their joint 5 year remote production roadmap lasted only 5 minutes! They will give an insight into the early discussions around broadcasting remotely, from the Toronto Wolfpack production taking place on the streets of Wimbledon to creating world-leading remote operations centres delivering the award-winning Project Restart and beyond.

Our speakers will address the challenges that the pandemic brought upon their organisations and the industry whilst giving a glimpse into the future of remote production with decentralised operations and international opportunities.

John Ellerton - CHAIR
Head of Media Futures

Eamonn Curtin
Deputy CEO

Dominik Wrona
Senior Live Media Portfolio Manager

9am - 10am PT / 12pm - 1pm ET / 5pm - 6pm BST / 6pm - 7pm CEST

Living the Stream – An Operators journey to streaming
This session explores the collaborative journey made by MediaKind and Cogeco to deliver Cogeco’s new EPICO entertainment service including OTT streamed video to a multitude of devices and a quality of experience which can now be enjoyed by their subscribers. We’ll look at how the streaming infrastructure was deployed and the challenges for an Operator of introducing differentiation using streaming video services.

Stan Moote - CHAIR

Richard Mansfield
Head of Streaming and Delivery Solutions

Don Harvey
Director of Video Services

Fireside Chat - OTT Encoding Systems need more than simply good audio/video
For streaming platforms to accomplish peak performance, they need to be fed more than just consistent and suitable quality audio and video. Well-thought-out metadata must also be part of the delivery package.

In this fireside chat IABM’s CTO Stan Moote will talk with Dr. Mark Henry, Vice President, Broadcast Infrastructure, Disney Streaming Services, about why metadata is critical in OTT delivery packages, what are the different types of data – current and future - associated with streaming, and the consequences he has suffered as a result the delivery of incomplete packages to OTT encoding systems.

Stan Moote - CHAIR

Dr. Mark Henry
VP Broadcast Infrastructure

How your Delivery Backbone affects your Total Cost of Ownership
In this panel session with two industry-streaming experts, IABM’s CTO Stan Moote will tease out real-life paradigms on; the importance and challenges of low latency, how the delivery backbone affects customer churn and provide a glimpse into the future on VR and 5G.

Stan Moote - CHAIR

Reinhard Grandl
Director of Product Management

Sassan Pejhan
VP Technology

10am - 11am PT / 1pm - 2pm ET / 6pm - 7pm BST / 7pm - 8pm CEST

Trade Shows and Virtual Events - what does the future have in store

Further details TBC


Lisa Collins - CHAIR
Head of Membership Engagement

Ben Dales - Chair
Head of Digital

Peter White

Chris Brown
Executive Vice President and Managing Director Global Connections and Events

Mark Chiolis
Director of Business Development

Mike Crimp

IBC logo

Neil Maycock
Senior Vice President of Strategic. Marketing

Phil Kubel

Ivan Ferrari
Senior Director Telecom, Media & Technology

Charlotte Wheeler
Event Director

Media Production Show Logo

Mike Blackman
Managing Director

Darren Long
Group Operations Transformation design

Stuart Russell
Communications Director

Neil Goatcher
Managing Director

Day 2 - Thursday 24 June

  • Designing Virtual Media Supply Chains
  • marketing
  • media tech intelligence
  • breakout sessions

9am - 10am BST / 10am - 11am CEST / 4pm - 5pm SGT

Fireside Chat - Why is Agile appropriate for M&E?
Agile methodologies have greatly reduced time to market, improved quality and enhanced productivity of both software development and IT teams over the past few decades. Now these techniques are being employed across a broad range of industries from wine production to cloud back-up services.

In this fireside chat IABM’s CTO Stan Moote will talk with Lora Bouchard, Senior Director Strategy Management and Change Agent, Sinclair Broadcast Group, about her experience bringing these techniques into the M&E industry over the past seven years. What works? What are the pitfalls and roadblocks? How have Agile lessons learned in Sinclair Digital moved into the linear and corporate sides of the business?

Stan Moote - CHAIR

Lora Bouchard
Senior Director Strategy Management and Change Agent

Customer Case Study – 21st Century production with agile methodologies
Like a Photon Creative was formed in 2012 by Kristen Souvlis and Nadine Bates based in Queensland, Australia. They are a multi-award-winning and internationally acclaimed production company specialising in developing and executing content for children. Not only are they producing some fantastic work and representing Women in Animation, but they have shown it’s possible to be ambitious, inspiring, and successful (even in the face of tight deadlines, dismal budgets and a global pandemic) by leveraging agile methodologies.

Alex Timbs - CHAIR
Senior Business Development Director

Nadine Bates
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Fireside Chat

Alex Timbs - CHAIR
Senior Business Development Director

Liz Davis
VP, Media Workflow Group


6am - 7am PT / 2pm - 3pm BST / 3pm - 4pm CEST / 9pm - 10pm SGT

Panel Discussion - How digital transformation impacts customer workflows and operations
This session puts the spotlight on understanding how digital transformation impacts media companies and their supply chain. Organizations need to transform the way they produce and deliver to customers. With changing business models, the move to the cloud, new remote working habits, revised customer behavior and buying patterns, technology will be used in a different way than ever before. How to break through organizational silos, how can technical, operational and business processes be managed in an efficient manner? How to keep control on hybrid and cloud infrastructures? New ways to track costs are required to support pay-per-use models and temporary or pop-up channels.

Liz Davis - CHAIR
VP, Media Workflow Group

Ben Vanderberghe

Stuart Newton
VP Strategy & Alliances

Telestream logo

Marcus Schioler
VP of Product Marketing

Lutful Khandker
Azure Cloud Architect

Customer Case Study - Virtualization rules in a pandemic
Managing risk and complexity for a state broadcaster that wants to utilize the latest in technology is always a difficult and financial balance. But as a 24 hour HD live local, regional and international playout platform TV2 Nord’s Salto channel was not willing to compromise. This session allows Peter Zanchetta, CTO at TV2 Nord, to explain how his limited resources, but high ambition, found a solution with nxtedition that focused on the content of the channel and automated the functionality. And finally, how the system allowed channel staff to create content for North Jutland/Denmark instead of managing the system.

Liz Davis - CHAIR
VP, Media Workflow Group

Adam Leah
Creative Director

Peter Zanchetta

Customer Case Study - Deploying hybrid cloud workflows and SaaS offerings to enrich live productions and optimize resources
The cloud offers one additional dimension to broadcast and media companies in their journey to build their media stories, with flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency being some of the core reasons for turning to cloud-based operations. But the cloud also comes with a series of constraints and limitations. EVS’s experience with the technology shows there are different ways to leverage cloud opportunities through alternative deployment models such hybrid workflows and SaaS offerings as a way to enrich live productions and optimize resources.

Liz Davis - CHAIR
VP, Media Workflow Group

Nicolas Bourdon

Jeremy Cabello
Production Manager, Eurosport Events

Julien Vrignon
Server manager

7am - 8am PT / 10am - 11am ET / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST / 9pm - 10pm SGT

Challenges of Managing Risk and Complexity in Modern Content Workflows
Alex Timbs, Senior Business Development Director at Dell Technologies talks to James Bourne, Cybersecurity Auditor and Assessor at Groundwire Security.

Alex Timbs - CHAIR
Senior Business Development Director

James Bourne
Cybersecurity Auditor and Assessor

9am - 10am PT / 12pm - 1pm ET / 5pm - 6pm BST / 6pm - 7pm CEST

Customer Case Study - Future-proofing media workflows with intelligent Content Management
Eliminating impact on production with no-downtime migrations and MAM to Cloud – Content movement between hybrid on-premise and cloud deployments.

Stan Moote - CHAIR

Geoffrey Tognetti
SVP & GM Content Management Business Unit

Telestream logo

Bob Russo
Post-Production Workflow Manager

Savva Mueller
Director of Business Development

Telestream logo

Fireside Chat - Storage, always a debate about cost v flexibility v performance!
In this session IABM’s CTO talks to the CEO of Limecraft and one of its important customers about storage solutions ‘fit for purpose’ that are also as energy efficient as possible. In this real-life case study, understand the real differences between on prem and cloud storage, the truth about the TCO of both and what became the recommended solution and why. By the end of the session you will understand that lowering the production cost, reducing turn-around times and increasing creative output go hand in hand.

Stan Moote - CHAIR

Maarten Verwaest
CEO & Founder

Olivier Struyven
Head of Post Production & Technical Operations

Overcoming bandwidth challenges with NFS over RDMA
Increasing demand for higher performance and bleeding edge technology is pushing ethernet bandwidth to the limit. Already popular in HPC environments, NFSoRDMA is quickly gaining traction as a cornerstone technology for overcoming network limitations, but adopting it can be a challenge. Join IABM CTO Stan Moote for a discussion with experts from ATTO Technology and Dell Technologies about the important role NFSoRDMA plays in modern workflows, some of the adoption challenges that exist and a look at solutions designed to accelerate adoption, eliminate down-time and introduce advanced tuning, monitoring and analytics capabilities.

Stan Moote - CHAIR

Tom Johnson
Product Manager, Ethernet

Tom Burns
CTO, Media & Entertainment, Americas

10am - 11am PT / 1pm - 2pm ET / 6pm - 7pm BST / 7pm - 8pm CEST

Getting to grips with diversity in Broadcast Media & Entertainment

Further details TBC


Lisa Collins - CHAIR
Head of Membership Engagement

Ben Dales - Chair
Head of Digital

Polly Hickling
Course Leader Media Technology

Renard T. Jenkins
Vice President, Content Transmission & Production Technology

Kari Grubin
HPA Board Member/Senior Media and Entertainment Executive

Carrie Wooten
Managing Director

Alicia Pritchett

Nathalie Shwarz
Vice Chair of IABM

Lillie Fyfe

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