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Wednesday 17 & Thursday 18 March 2021


Lots of people continue to talk about Digital Fatigue as we still cannot attend face-to-face events but online events don't have to fill you with dread or make you shout at the screen "surely not another webinar!". 

When we developed our first BaM LIVE!™ event in December (CatchUP! available here), we realize that nothing will replace that cold bottle of beer after a long day at a trade show or that unexpected conversation after bumping into someone you haven't seen for a long time BUT we have a solution that gets you pretty close. 

We have taken on board feedback from that event and have developed every aspect of our "digital experience" so that BaM LIVE! is more than just an online event, it is your engagement hub, designed to easily enable you to interact with and build business relationships with fellow participants.

The content of the first of our 4 BaM LIVE! events in 2021 will focus on crafting content, experiences, and workflows. This includes technology solutions aimed at improving media companies’ creative potential, innovative content production models, workflow paradigms in specific sectors such as Sports and News, and insights into consumers’ changing viewing habits.

The event is free for IABM Members and Global Engaged Partners to attend. For non members, there is a small fee.

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3 x 1 hour live streamed session over 2 days covering...

In this session, we will look at the developments in technologies enabling creativity and content crafting.

In this session, we will look at sustainable production models.

Sensorial (including audio)
In this session, we will look at developments in imaging and immersive technology, including both video and audio technology. 

In this session, we see how sports production is dealing with the disruption caused by the pandemic.

In this session, we hear how news production is dealing with the disruption caused by the pandemic.

In this session, we will look at how consumer viewing habits have changed due to the pandemic and how media companies can best design consumer experiences.

What else can you expect from your BaM LIVE!™ 2021 digital experience?

Improved networking

Thanks to our intuitive platform, we had great feedback from our 2020 event but we have enhanced this feature so that attendees can invite people to 1-1 video meetings throughout the event.

Attendees can review other attendees, send them meeting requests, chat, and exchange business cards. Attendees can interact during any session or individually for networking through session-based and Networking-based chat.

Improved delegate searching

We have implemented a special interests section on delegate profiles and you will now be able to fully search based on company, interests, location, job title and more (the platform will even match you with delegates that have similar interests to you).

Amended timings for the event

We have reacted to feedback received and so will be running 3 x 1 hour sessions of live streamed content across the day so that all time zones can be catered for.

When the live streamed content is not running, we will have engagement hubs, demo rooms, discussion tables around key topics along with pre recorded content from IABM members so you #NeverStopLearning.

Enhanced exhibitor/sponsor areas and demo rooms

Our new exhibitor and sponsor area will feature videos, company products, digital downloads, contact details and lots more to ensure you can find out more about our participating companies.

Improved ​event feed available before, during and after the event

BaM LIVE!™ is so much more than just great content, we provide an interactive and deep featured community before, during and after the event.

  • Introduce yourself to fellow attendees (including listing if you are looking for anything specific)
  • Add photos and videos
  • Add polls to get opinion from delegates
  • Comment on and like other peoples posts

Engagement rooms

Available as 1-2 or for up to 16 people to have discussions, themed panels, product demos and more!

Further themed rooms will be available with topic based focus throughout the event.

Find out more about our platform features in the short video below...

Some of our 2020 feedback...

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