The go-to virtual event that will arm all sides of the industry with the facts and insights they need for success in 2021

1 , 2 , 3 DECEMBER 2020

2020 has seen a seismic shift in broadcast and media technology, operations and business models. Success in 2021 will depend on understanding and embracing this transformation. By keeping the entire broadcast and media ecosystem connected and informed, BaM live™ will provide a unique platform for collaboration and the sharing of ideas and solutions that will power success in 2021.

As part of the event, alongside the live presentations, we will be showcasing on demand content across the 3 key themes listed below. To submit content, please click here and send us the details.

Comprising just three concentrated 3-hour sessions spread over three days, BaM Live™ will bring together experts from both the user and supplier sides of the business. 


BaM Live™ offers a perfect opportunity to showcase their solutions.


BaM Live™ will unlock invaluable insights on trends, technologies and business models.

Three days which zero in on the key pillars of broadcast and media

Creator Day
Crafting Content & Workflows

A deep dive into all Create and Produce content chain activities, as well as specific sectors such as news and sports.

Architect Day
Designing Media Supply Chains

An examination of the technology and workflow developments that underpin the new hyper-efficient, data-driven, cloud-enabled media factory.

Executive Day
Evolving Media Economics

An in-depth look at the new as-a-service and streaming business models that are fundamental to the drive for efficiency and agility.

Creator Day Agenda

A Tale of Two Sectors: How News & Sports are Navigating the Storm

How did they do it? Sectors such as sports and news were disrupted by pandemic-induced social distancing and had to swiftly adapt their workflows. This session explores the changes undergone by two major live sectors in 2020 and how these may produce long-standing innovations.

Discussing Serendipity: Enabling Creative Collaboration Remotely

Serendipitous innovation is often defined as innovation happened by accident and, most likely, through social interaction. Many have argued that this driving force for creativity may be hard to replicate remotely as content creators worldwide increasingly rely on virtual tools to collaborate with colleagues. If we can't replicate it, how can media and technology companies maximize creativity in their collaborative efforts?

At their Convenience: Crafting Digital Experiences

Consumer is king. Consumer experiences have taken a front seat in recent years as media companies have moved to direct-to-consumer models. This session explores the interfaces and experiences that consumers are looking for, their relationship with quality and their viewing habits in a socially distanced world.

Architect Day Agenda

A Tale of Two Sectors: Designing Holistic Supply Chains

Media companies managing both linear and streaming platforms, increasingly need to manage their media factories holistically. This session will examine the work done by media companies on designing holistic supply chains.

Technical Localization: Designing Global Supply Chains

As consolidation proliferates, creating global media platforms, the importance of effectively managing geographically distributed supply chains is significantly increasing. This session will explore the challenges of localizing technology operations at two global media companies.

Discussing Risk: Designing Resilient Supply Chains

While media companies progressed their transition to IP-based and virtualized supply chains, the pandemic pushed operational volatility to an extreme. Supply chain experts will explore how media companies can best manage risk in the remote age.

Executive Day Agenda

A Tale of Two Sectors: SVOD & AVOD Economics

Media companies moving to direct-to-consumer platforms are increasingly focusing on digital monetization models funded through subscriptions and/or advertising revenues. This session explores the challenges of monetizing digital consumers in the streaming world.

Discussing Transformation: As-a-Service Economics

The pandemic has accelerated the move to as-a-service business models built around continuous technical delivery, customer engagement, and monetary inflows. This session explores the supply-side benefits and challenges of moving to as-a-service business models.

Head in the Clouds: Flexible Development & Payment Models

The pandemic has accelerated the move to cloud-based operational models in the media industry out of pure necessity. At the same time, media companies have invested more in building their own in-house technology platforms. However, both cloud and development economic models often remain costly and complex for media companies to deploy. This session explores the challenges of cloud and development economics

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