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About the event

Virtually every aspect of Broadcast & Media has been massively disrupted in the last year. Disruption can be a positive business driver for those who embrace its opportunities. But how do you get ahead of the game? With IABM’s BaM Live!™ events, which are running throughout 2021.

BaM LIVE!™ 2021 is the digital networking, engagement and learning experience for everyone in Broadcast & Media. Designed to be as close to a real person-to-person event as possible, BaM Live!™ enables you to interact and build business relationships with fellow participants and learn about the latest key trends and hot topics in the industry from a global range of diverse, expert speakers.

CatchUp Content

CatchUp Content

Technology enabling creativity

In this session, we will look at developments in technologies that enable creativity and content crafting. The pandemic has driven innovation in remote working and collaboration, accelerating the use of cloud in content production workflows alongside other innovations. In this session, we hear from end users and technology providers about the new technologies and workflows they are tapping to continue high quality, effective production in these changed times.

Content Creation and Production Data Snippets

Data Snippets video from IABM's Business Intelligence Unit, exclusive to IABM Members and Global Engaged Partners.

Panel Discussion

Guy Griffiths (VP, Media & Entertainment, Arcitecta) & Aidan Sarsfield (Head of Production Technology, Animal Logic) discuss developments in technologies that enable creativity and content crafting. 

Fireside Chat

In this session, we are joined by Jon Barrie, Strategic Development Manager at Adobe for this in depth Fireside Chat.

Sustainable production

The environment has shot to the top of everyone’s agenda over recent months, and our industry has a part to play in protecting it. In this session, we will look at sustainable production models – what we are doing and what more we can do to achieve more sustainability? And how do you really measure it? – every company it seems has different standards; so what are media companies expecting from tech suppliers? A panel session gets to the heart of the matter.

Sustainability Data Snippets

Data Snippets video from IABM's Business Intelligence Unit, exclusive to IABM Members and Global Engaged Partners.

Case Study: Video shouldn’t cost the earth

In this session, Ian McDonough (CEO, Blackbird) discusses Blackbird's specially commissioned report looking at reducing the climate impact from TV and video production.

Panel Discussion

Panel Session hosted by Mike Ward (Head of Marketing, Singular.Live) with Katy Murdoch (Sustainability Project Manager, ALBERT), Simon Moorhead (Managing Director, NEP) & Jo Finon (Manager of Responsible Productions, Sky Sports)

News production

A panel session featuring executives from leading news organizations explores how they are responding to the disruption caused by the pandemic, and the increased thirst for news it has brought. What technologies and workflows have they adopted to keep delivering amid all the movement restrictions, and will these be sustained when the world returns to some kind of normality?

News Data Snippets

Data Snippets video from IABM's Business Intelligence Unit, exclusive to IABM Members and Global Engaged Partners.

Interview with ITV News and Sky News

Interview with Matt Brindley (Head of Output, ITV News) & Ben Wickham (Head of Studio Output, Sky News)

Case Study with Vimond and TV2

Case Study with Arild Rugsveen (Project Manager, TV2) & Kenneth Cuomo (Product Manager, Vimond) around the News App that they developed.

Case Study with Wildmoka and Asharq News

Jakob Hummes (VP Worldwide Channel Sales, Wildmoka) & Steven Cheak (Director of Brand, Creative & Digital, Asharq News) discuss their vertical streaming solution.


While the drive to ever-higher resolution video may have taken a back seat to ‘Covid quality’ in recent times, other aspects of imaging and immersive have come to the fore – and we have all been reminded of the importance of high quality audio. In this session, we will look at all the latest developments in imaging and immersive technology - both video and audio.

Sensorial Data Snippets

Data Snippets video from IABM's Business Intelligence Unit, exclusive to IABM Members and Global Engaged Partners.

Panel Discussion

Panel with Steve Sandford (Product Manager, Clear-Com), Greg Abell (Pre Sales Engineer, Tyrell) & Simon Roe (Managing Director,

Lawo and ArtEZ case study

In this Case Study, discover how ArtEZ Conservatory in the Netherlands leveraged Lawo’s V__remote4 for graduation performances in a socially distanced world.

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion with Alex Lepges (Technical Director, Audio Technica) & Eric Horstmann (Regional Business Development Manager, Genelec) around the Audio Ecosystem.

Sports Production

Sports took a major hit at the beginning of the pandemic, but media companies responded quickly – monetizing archives, moving to remote production models when events began to return and pushing data, graphics and audio to the next level to increase audience engagement. This is the sector that has seen perhaps the most innovation over the last year and in this session, experts will examine how sports production continues to be disrupted and the technologies and techniques that are powering it today.

Sports Data Snippets

Data Snippets video from IABM's Business Intelligence Unit, exclusive to IABM Members and Global Engaged Partners.

Sports Content Chains: The Operational View

In this fireside chat, we talk to Sky Sports about their major sports technology priorities as well as the operational effects of the pandemic on sports production.

Sports Content Chains: The Downstream View

In this fireside chat, we talk to Eurosport about the move to remote production workflows, the impact of direct-to-consumer on sports technology sourcing and the implications of these trends for media technology providers.

Sports Content Chains: The Arena

In this session, we delve into a recent case study focused on safely enabling the production of the 2020 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) with Levira.

Consumer viewing

For this wide-ranging session, we have convened a panel of media company leaders to look at how consumer viewing habits have changed due to the pandemic and how media companies can best design consumer experiences to enable viewers to make sense of the plethora of choices now available to them – and then how to keep them engaged.

Consume Data Snippets

Data Snippets video from IABM's Business Intelligence Unit, exclusive to IABM Members and Global Engaged Partners.

Panel Discussion

Panel with Microsoft, Oracle & Red Bee Media on how consumer viewing habits have changed due to the pandemic.

Case Study

Case Study with Rose Adkins Hulse (CEO, Screenhits TV) & Jonathan Williams (Chief Operating Officer, Sceenic).

Remote sports production in focus: adapting to the new world

EVS, IMG & Blackbird discuss how remote sports production has adapted to a new world and a new way of working.

Ask The Expert

Large, topic based Round Table discussions from HPA and SVG, hosted by Stan Moote (CTO, IABM)

Ask the Expert with HPA

HPA Logo

With this joint IABM/HPA session, the experts covered a wide range of topics including Movie Labs covering new scripted content, next generation architectures and workflows, immersive sound, Opera in VR, what’s changing in business models, acceptable quality and reliability, along with thoughts on security.

Ask the Expert with SVG

Lately there has been a lot of questions, and concerns about synchronizing feeds, particularly for sporting events, whether remote or in a fixed venues. Subject matter experts and end-users who understand signal flows within the sports environment come together to expose the facts about using Precision Time Protocol (PTP) during live events.

Breakout Sessions

Themed and topic based Round Table discussions from IABM and BaM Live Partners.

Mission : Democratization of Creativity!

In this session GridMarkets CEO & Co-Founder, Mark Ross, speaks with Taylor Newill Director, Global HPC Solutions, Oracle around how GridMarkets platform provides a platform which gives computational animators, and visual effects artists a fast and affordable way to render animations in the cloud.

Co-founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneur Mark Ross, GridMarkets is part of the Oracle for Startups program that supports growing young companies and runs the GridMarkets platform on high-performance servers in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions around the world.

Automate your video monitoring from production to distribution

Telestream logo

Media companies and broadcasters are experiencing decreased visibility & control in their supply chain. Increased focus on global distribution, proliferation of direct to consumer OTT services & viewer experiences and content that gets delivered over many different on-prem and cloud-based platforms, go along with a whole new set of challenges to ensure the best quality of experience (QoE) for your audience. In this breakout session, Ken and Thomas share how Telestream and Skyline Communications have teamed up and built a solution that allows you to spin up new cloud-based OTT services with just a few clicks and to automate your video monitoring from production to distribution.

Metrics and key indicators of faults and malfunctions in OTT IPTV media content delivery

The task most operators face today is how to keep the subscriber base loyal. Stable high quality of broadcasting is one of the factors that helps address this challenge. To maintain high quality and detect violations in the stream, it is important to track various parameters.

What parameters should operators treat as a matter of priority? How to interpret data gathered by a monitoring system?

Alexey Malikov, Elecard Business Development Director in EMEA, explains how to understand a variety of metrics and parameters of TS and ES that serve for quick fault identification and proactive error fixation.

Entering the golden age of sports-based content production

This session from audience engagement specialists, looks at the incredible opportunities and tools that broadcasters, rights holders, sporting institutions and content providers have to produce interactive and engaging content to enhance the audience’s viewing experience at home.

With the likelihood of empty, or limited capacity stadiums for this year’s huge sporting events, producers are looking to deliver a stadium-like experience to a wider audience, across more platforms. And with monetisation and increased revenues through advertising and sponsored content a major consideration, content providers are potentially entering a golden age – watch this session to find out how.

In the room with the CEO

IABM CEO Peter White is joined by Mark Senior (CEO at dock10) and Rainer Knebel (Managing Director at Pantaflix Technologies) to discuss their businesses and experiences over the last year.

In the room with the CTO – Real-time live production in the cloud

IABM CTO Stan Moote is joined by Andrew Jordan (CTO, NEP) to discuss the following:

  • Can various orchestration services be harmonized?
  • Common platform/integration frame?
  • AI apps/processes that really work!

In the room with IBC and NAB Show

During this interactive session, IABM Head of Membership Engagement Lisa Collins is joined by Steve Connolly (Director, IBC) and Eric Trabb (SVP Business Development at NAB) to explore what you can expect from the two shows during 2021.

Curated Content

Pre-recorded, in-depth case studies from a number of our members and their customers, all relevant to the theme of BaM Live. 

Overcoming challenges and staying on air during the pandemic

Alex Wriglesworth Sound Supervisor at Tall Audio, Will Underwood, Broadcast Technical Manager at Timeline’s Ealing Studios and Anthony Harrison, Sales Manager at Calrec talk to us about how they have overcome challenges and supported their customers during these difficult times.

The changing nature of live sports productions

The changing nature of live sports productions, allowing for high-quality on-the-go sports production with ease of use, mobility “going live from anywhere”, multi-camera, no need for cables. More flexible and less costly than traditional methods (satellite/fibre).

In this customer case study we will hear from IMG and how they are using LiveU’s live video solutions internally and within their internal customers.

Managing your leads and turning them into customers

Finding the right prospects and turning them into customers in the new digital landscape can be challenging! In this informative session we will take a look at where you start, how to connect and how to manage and turn your prospects into customers once you actually find them.

Verizon Media Gateway

In this session, we hear from Avi Cohen (LiveU – COO and co-Founder), Tim Stevens (Verizon – Global Leader, Strategic Innovation, Media & Entertainment) and Dave Pirrocco (Verizon – Distinguished Architect, Advanced Technology Group) about the issues they are seeing when it comes to live events.

We hear how the Media Gateway works and where they see MEC and 5G contributing to live video workflows.

iNDEMAND Uses Minnetonka AudioTools Server to Automate Audio File Workflows for its Comprehensive Media Processing Platform

Hear from Jacob Gragard how the VOD/PPV distributor automates 40,000+ hours of content per year with Minnetonka AudioTools Server.

Why sport organisations are in need of an OTT strategy

As we have seen, the sports industry has been particularly hard hit by Covid with cancelled and postponed matches and a lack of fans in stadiums. For sports organisations, this has made it challenging to engage with fans and has meant a huge hit to revenues so lets hear how these 2 organisations worked together to use digital technology to re-engage with fans and deliver relevant opportunities for sponsors.

Accedo and HKRU Deliver Live Rugby Direct to Fans

Hear how Accedo worked with Hong Kong Rugby Union to launch HKRU TV for the 2020 Men’s and Women’s Premiership season. This OTT service featured both live matches and VOD content and was developed using Accedo’s end-to-end solution offering.

The Evolution of News & Sports Broadcasting in a Post-Pandemic World

2020 was quite a different year for us all – and we all had to adapt in different ways. Appetites for news and sports reporting grew more than ever as people were forced to stay at home – but what challenges were presented to those producing the news – and how were these challenges addressed – and what have we learnt from these experiences?

AP Playbook use cases

Discussion on the use cases of AP Playbook by Associated Press.

Verizon’s Leaders in Sports Research

Darren Lepke (Head of Video Product Management, Verizon Media) discusses the findings from Verizon’s Leaders in Sports research.


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Get ahead: understand all the latest technologies, learn from the most recent case studies and attend our 3 x 1 hour sessions of main stage live streamed content across each day ensuring time zones can be catered for

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